Karate Class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center

What difficulties do the students of karate class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center face, how do they cope with those? What dreams do the children have; does karate hinder or help them to achieve those dreams?  

Aviamodelling Class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center

The young participants of aviamodelling class of Malatia Armenian Church Youth Center  present the airplanes modelled and made by themselves. 

“My Spinning Top” and “Teimortak”

The forgotten games “My Spinning Top” and “Teimortak” came into life in online platform. The co-founders of the projects Gagik Mkhitaryan and Arsen Vardanyan present the projects. 

The Painter Mikayel Harutyunyan

Catholicos of All Armenians declared year 2018 a year of youth. The "Creating Hands" exhibition kicked off at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, where creative young people are going to have their individual exhibitions throughout the entire year. The very first exhibition of the initiative was Mikayel’s.
Mikael Harutyunyan is a painter and is a 2nd year student of Fine Arts Academy. His portfolio includes a number of individual exhibitions in Armenia; many of his compositions can be seen in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin featuring portraits of Catholicoses, churches etc. More than 100 of Mikayel’s paintings are currently abroad.


“Caffeine Brew Lab, Dilijan”

Mariam Sinanyan and Ani Harutyunyan made a decision to create a new entertainment culture in the region. They move to Dilijan and open an alternative café, "Caffeine Brew Lab", making alternative coffee. The food is from local producers and offers healthy food to visitors. During the Soviet year, there used to be grocery store in that place, and the girls did not change the interior - it's a common place for the locals, for the tourists - attractive.
Entrepreneurship in Dilijan is risky. But the girls are constantly looking for new ways ...


Robert Sahakyants

“I never shoot for Oscar of Louvre. I am not interested in it. I well about man”. 

Ruined Pilgrimages of Odzun

Odzun village is one of the most ancient residencies of Armenia. The churches and monastery complexes – Tsakhkevank, Horomayr, Ardvi, St. Hovhan Odznetsi pilgrimage, that are found in this area come to prove, that for centuries, Odzun served as the religious-cultural center of the region. Unfortunately, most of the pilgrimages of Odzun are ruined.
Video has been made in 2008.


Divine Liturgy for Tearnyndaraj (The Feast of Presentation of the Lord) in St. Sarkis Mother Church

A Divine Liturgy for Tearnyndaraj (The Feast of Presentation of the Lord) was offered in St. Sarkis Mother Church of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese. A Blessing Service of newly-weds was also offered.

The Mystery of Khaz Notation

The history doesn't say much about ancient Armenian church melodies, including khazer, in particular, how were the Armenian spiritual songs notated before the 8 th century, if ever. Khaz notations were created in the 8th century, and as a means of notation, lasted till the 8th century and forgotten at a later stage. The biggest investment in the efforts to find the key to khazer was made by Komitas Vardapet. A significant part of manuscrips recorded in khaz continue to remain illegible up till now.

Sos Sargsyan

Reflections and thoughts of National Artist of Armenia, Sos Sargsyan, on the the paths passed, his concers over the present-day art, theatre and life.
Colleagues from Hamazgayin (National) Theatre tell about Sos Sargsyan.