Unheard voices

Young ethnographers conducted this study for publishing a scientific collection. They recorded an alternative story - the memories of common people. We were following them. “Unheard voices” would sometimes turn to camera, sometimes prefer to stay anonymous.

Diaspora – Uniting Around the Church

Do we know how is the life in the Armenian communities of Diaspora, what difficulties, problems and successes they confront? In the beginning of July, 400 Armenian young people from 20 countries were in Armenia for 5 days. The occasion was the gathering of the world youth union of the Armenian Church. We tried to expose the community problems with some of them.

The Crazy

In May 1918, the people self-organized by the call of Catholicos of All Armenians, Gevorg E Surenyants, struggled to survive the battle of the Ottoman Empire, which eventually as crowned with victory and the foundation of the first Armenian Republic.

Associaction of Good Acts: Armenian Businessmen of Germany

In 2001, an Armenian association was established in Cologne, Germany, by the Armenian businessmen residing in Germany. The goal of the association was to help Armenians settled in foreign countries and Armenia.

Hamazasp Hambardzumyan

The history of Hambardzumyan family is not presented in historical chronicles.  The legends and myths about their family were transferred by family members, from generation to generation. The first intellectual of the kin was Hamazasp Hambardzumyan. He witnessed the opening of Byurakan Observatory, the glory and recognition of his son – the most acclaimed Armenian scientist in those years, and personally leaving traces in the Armenian culture. 

Praying Soldier, Invincible Soldier

For already two decades, the chaplains of the Armenian Church have been serving in the military detachments and units of the Armenian army; they stand together with the soldiers also at the positions and hospitals. The soldier and the nurse of the Armenian army, the Major and the Colonel, tell us about living side by side with the servants of the Armenian Church, praying with them, and being comforted and inspired by them.
The film is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Spiritual Leadership of the RA Armed Forces.


Gretert: writings of independence

The film tells about the ten years of the activity of the literary-youth newspaper "Gretert", about the attitudes of the new generation of writers towards reality, their literary views, the problems and peculiarities of the development of modern Armenian literature.

Two in the City Honesty

Composer Andranik Berberyan and actor Samvel Tadevosyan walk around the city and share their thoughts on honesty. 

Nver Safaryan: The General Dreaming of Peace

Spring 1945. The Soviet Army occupied Berlin and this was the end of the Worl War II. From all Soviet Army Divisions to occupy Berlin the only one was 89-th Tamanian Armenian Divison. The Commander was General-Mjor Never Safaryan. The commander of the Armenian Division, who bore the catastrophs of two World Wars of the XX century on his own skin, had one sole dream – to see Armenia united. 

Gift of Love

The love story between the members of Ararat Patriarchal Diocese Youth Union Sargis and Diana started in 2015, during the Feast of St. Sarkis. That day Diana didn’t have any symbolizing dream, however, she had asked for the intercession of the saint and was waiting in faith.
Sargis will soon graduate from Gevorkian Theological Seminary and the long days of separation of lovers will stay behind.


Nare Haykazyan

“I have been always in searches, perhaps of my own self…” Actress Nare Haykazyan is once again in Armenia.

Poet Farmer

Grandfather Tovmas is a knowledgeable and hard-workinng agronom. His day starts and finishes with work; he either struggles with the soil, or starts something, or gives a hand to his co-villagers. He feels offended when his sons and grandchildren urge him to have a rest. He moved to Armenia from Iran while still a child, overcame various difficulties and considers his village the only place worth living.