The Old and New Voskepar

Fortresses, forts, graves, khachkars, sanctuaries.  Only a part of the rich cultural heritage of Voskepar village has been discovered and explored. Our film crew is in the Tavush region, discovering the little-known places of border Voskepar.

The worries and dreams of the citizens of Voskepar

Our creative group was hosted in the border village of Voskepar, got acquainted with the history of the village, learned about the worries and dreams of the people of Voskepar.

Sargis Baghdasaryan's "Karabakhtsis"

"We and our mountains"- The sculpture "Karabakhtsi", popularly known as "Grandma-grandma", was created by sculptor Sargis Baghdasaryan. How did the author manage to place the sculpture at the height of Stepanakert? Sargis Baghdasaryan's son Ashot Baghdasaryan and student Tariel Hakobyan tell the story of the creation of the sculpture.

Spiritual Border guard- Khoranashat

Khoranashat, one of the most significant monastic complexes of medieval Armenia, is 800 years old.  Today, the monastery in Tavush marz is also a border guard.

Our Chinari

In Chinari village on the border of Tavush, we talked with young and old, we heard about their worries and dreams.

The pearl of the Araks valley in Mekhakavan, Artsakh

The film "The Pearl of the Araks Valley" is the incredible journey of the cross of the Holy Mother of God Zoravor Church in Mekhakavan and the salvation of the Gospel- from Jrakan to Hadrut and then to Stepanakert. The film participants tell the story of how the church was built on an inaccessible hill, became a place of pilgrimage and place of worship for thousands of soldiers, and how the soldiers themselves saved the cross of the sacred sanctuary and the Gospel from the enemy.

The Manufacturers of Holy Nativity Angels

Manufacturers of dolls with an image of an angel and their thoughts on Holy Nativity. 

Traditional New Year

Santa Claus, songs, games and dances. In the Ttu Jur and Dzoraglukh villages of Aparan, the "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group celebrates the New Year. Let's recognize the traditional Armenian New Year.

Our Village. Shinuhayr Part 2

To be in Shinuhayr, and not to go down to Vorotan gorge, not to see the old village with its historical and cultural buildings, sanctuaries, means not to know anything about this ancient settlement with a rich history. In the second part of the program, we toured Old Shinuhayr, visited the Kusanats desert, Khacher district, and worshiped churches.

Our village. Shinuhayr Part 1

This time our stop is in Shinuhayr on the way to the eastern border of Christian civilization. The village of Liarat did not receive the title of "Father of Shen" by chance. In the first part of the program, the busy villagers took time to prepare stew for us, to talk about the past and present problems of the village.

Blessing of the Grapes- Feast of Assumption

The "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group collected fresh grapes from Tavush and celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God with the locals in the village of Achajur. The young people went to Makaravank to make a pilgrimage to celebrate the Blessing of the Grapes with national songs, games and dances.  Watch the movie, get to know and participate in the People's feast of Blessing of the Grapes. 

Captain Yervand Gasparyan

Regular sailing was organized in Sevan 100 years ago. Fish farms were soon established. The inspirer and implementer of the ideas was Captain Yervand Gasparyan.  Little was known about his biography.