Grace Kelly

She had only 4 years of life in cinema. However, she remained in the history of cinema as the most beautiful actress of all time. In 2001, she topped the list of the most elegant women of all time compiled by "Interfax". She has twice been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and once won. She has acted in 11 films, all of which have been included in the Golden Fund of World Cinema. She bore the title of Princess of Monaco with great responsibility, became the idol of millions and sadly left earthly life at a very young age. 




Robert Sahakyants

“I never shoot for Oscar of Louvre. I am not interested in it. I well about man”. 

Henri Verneuil

French actor Pierre Tchernia will say about this master: "Most of all, I admire and at the same time I am shocked by my friend Henry's life story. The genocide, which deprived him of his relatives and close friends, never broke Henry's spirit and vitality. He was a true son of his people. "

Jean Cocteau

In 1963 Jean Cocteau passed away. He found his ultimate rest in the arms of death to which he was heading in all his compositions. Years before that he wrote in the avandardists’ manifesto: “ One must be a living man and a posthumous artist”. It seems that he didn’t fail anyone in that… 


Norman Wisdom

The most difficult thing in the life is to make laugh, and he did it brilliantly. Norman Wisdom – the most favorite clown of Chaplin. Life and creative path of Wisdom in the TV series “Known-Unknown Cinematography”. 

Tonino Guerra

“It would’ve been so much better if there were worlds where we could stop time and wait for lapsing spirits…” TV series “Known-Unknown Cinematography” features Tonino Guerra; his life and creative work. 

Orson Welles

“In the history of world cinematography, the humanity owes much to this man for choosing the profession of film-maker”, - notes Martin Scorses as he talks about Orson Welles. 

Known-Unknown Cinematography

“I am an occupant, I want to usurp people’s brains, ifatesnsert images and ideas in them, which can show the world and their lives in a more straight way. Every single man can change fates. This is our policy and creed.” 
Wim Wenders


Andrei Tarkovsky

“To travel truly, there is only one way that leads to the inner world… Travel around the world can be only symboli. Wherever we are, we’ll be always looking for our souls”: Andrei Tarkovsky.

Fyodor Khitruk

When creating films, it never occurred to him that they were meant specifically for children. However, he became a child, as he made them. 
Fyodor Khitruk in the TV series “Known- Unknown Cinematography”.  


Emir Kusturica

“There will always be people who’ll try to tack you on the floor. They’ll even stand in a que to do that. However, you need to get rid of them from time to time. Everyone should sense the delight of a flight”.
Emir Kusturica, acclaimed genious filmmaker of XXI century.


Audrey Hepburn

She never spoke about herself so typical to a noble aristocrat. Instead, she always recalled gratefully all those next to her. The life of “Movie Princess and Angel” Audrey Hepburn in the TV series “Known- Unknown Cinematography”.