Bronze parts of old bed are molded to make a modern sculpture, on the new sheet of paper obtained from recycled paper the painter imprints the letters of various nations of the world, a new piece of art comes to life in the result of a relationship between electricity and magnet dust…. 
The author of the program tracks the process of contemporary artists’ creations revealing the technologies, innovations and novelties in fine arts… 

Sarkis Hamalbashian

Sarkis Hamalbashian is creating

Hakob Hakobyan: Confession

“The existence of spiritual life of man is proved through art. Symphony N 9 of Beethoven is an expression of one’s soul rather than of body. Therefore, when I say spiritual life, first and foremost I understand Art. The painter with colors, the musician with sounds, the sculptor by encarving, the writer through poetry. We can see that man is not solely a physical phenomenon”.
The film features passages from different articles and interviews with Hakob Hakobyan made in various times.