The guest of “Phonograph”
The pavilion of “Phonograph”, musical-informational program series, offers meetings with distinctive representatives of Armenian and world art. We host renowned and diverse musicians, art critics and art lovers. They tell about the bright episodes of their creative life, discuss issues that contemporary art is facing.
Frequency: every Saturday, at 20:00 and 22:30 
Repeating: Sunday, at 08:00 and 17:00


Ruben Aharonyan hosted in the pavilion of “Phonograph”

Phonograph is hosting famous violin Ruben Aharonyan who just turned 70. 

James Peng Liu - Artistic Director and Conductor of one of the most acclaimed Asian orchestras

The artistic director and principal conductor of Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra James Peng Liu tells about the popularity of classic academic music in China, about millions of young Chinese musicians, Chinese contemporary composers and the secrets of virtuosity of Asian musicians in the pavilion of “Phonograph”.

Our host is Arto Tuncboyaciyan

“Phonograph” is hosting multi-instrumentalist, vocalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan.

Our host is Richard Galliano

“Holy Monster of Jazz”, founder of New Musette music style Richard Galliano tells about his creative life, the importance of being a multi-profile musician, the art of and his relations with his friend Astor Piazzolla.  

Our host is Yervand Yerznkyan

He is working in the Armenian National Radio's Pop-Symphonic Orchestra leading it from 1986. Yervand Yerznkyan tells about the past, present plans and prospects of the Orchestra. 

Hasmik Baghramyan hosted in the pavilion of “Phonograph”

How recognizable is folk song and dance for the young generation, how are the ensembles presenting traditional art funded, how to fight against poor quality music heard in weddings, birthday or other festivities?  Pavilion of “Phonograph” is hosting the Chairman of Educational Cultural NGO “Rebirth of Traditional Feasts” and Artistic Director of “Tonatsuits” Folk Theatre Hasmik Baghramyan.  

Interview with conductor Dmitriy Yurovsky

Russian conductor Dmitriy Yirovsky was recently hosted by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia. He gave a special interview to our musical program. 

Interview with Tigran Hekekyan

The pavilion of “Phonograph” hosted the Headmaster of Sayat-Nova Music School, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Choir “Little Singers of Armenia”.