Old and New Fairy Tales
Following the invention of television, all generations have listened to the bedtime storiestold by grandparents, aunties who became familiar from the screen, and then went to sleep.
Shoghakat TV Company too did not forget its junior audience and produced the series “Old and New Tales”.
However, there is one important distinction between this and other “good nights”. In this case, the story is told by the children themselves, and they tell in such a manner that even the elder attentively listen to them.
Frequency: every day, at 20:50

The cat with blue eyes

Narrated by Noy 

The Camel and Donkey

Narrated by Monika 

The Frog and the Cloud

Narrated by Areg

The furious dinosaur

Narrated by Sergey

April 22

Sacrament of April 22, 2022 ( Act 4.32-5.11 Jac. 2.1-13 Jn. 21.1-14). Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on the sacrament of the day. 

The Most Interesting Word

Narrated by Davit 

Such a Tree

Narrated by Nare 


Narrated by Vardan

The Snow Flower

Narrated by Nare

The Hat

Narrated by Nare

The frog wanted to be alone

Narrated by Vartan 

The elephant that was afraid of mice

Narrated by Vartan