Artak Hambardzumyan, Sevada Sargsyan

Master of khachkars (cross-stone) Artak Hambardzumyan and painter Sevada Sargsyan met in the Pedagogical Institute. The once professor-student relationship spans into warm friendship. Two friends recall their adventurous path of their friendship. 

Mamikon Mkhitaryan, Paitsar Avetisyan

National Master of RA Mamikon Mkhitaryan and painter Paitsar Avetisyan met in Petersburg while being students. Friends of forty years recollect their lives so rich in adventures and trials. 

Father Sevak Saribekyan, Narek Melkonyan, Nairi Melkonyan

Father Sevak Saribekyan still gets excited as he remembers his childhood spent with brothers Narek Melkonyan and Nairi Melkonyan. Even today, their smiliarities are many and their friendship – steadfast. Where there is the Italian cocktail made by Father Sevak and the accompaniment of Nairi’s guitar, then the meeting is a colorful and pleasant one. 

Arev Petrosyan, Anahit Markosyan

Painter Arev Petrosyan and Anahit Markosyan, Head of Research and Development in Nairian Cosmetics didn’t even remember how they became friends. All they remember is the impression from their first meeting: there felt so close to each other as if they were friends for ages. 

Arkmenik Nikoghosyan, Ararat Tovmasyan

The friendship between literary critic Arkmenik Nikoghosyan and technical editor Ararat Tovmasyan took its start with a work-related incident. Since then they finish each other's sentences...

Lilit Galstyan, Ruzanna Sirunyan

Common interests shared between Lilit Galstyan and Ruzanna Sirunyan are quite many, ranging from fashion to politics. Their friendship go back to over twenty years. 

Hasmik Avetisyan, Zara Manucharyan

Painters Hasmik Avetisyan and Zara Manucharyan recall that they became friends at one exhibition, with none of them remembering the details. And what comes to friendly disputes, joys and achievements, they remember it all with love, humor and every single detail… 

Sedrak Yerkanyan, Zaven Simonian, Grigor Kuzikyan

Sedrak Yerkanyan, Zaven Simonian and Grigor Kuzikyan coalesce through music, they have the same interests. This later grew into friendship, since… they had different characters. 

Karen Aghamyan, Zohrab Mirzoyan

“When asked to name a color, I’ll say red withiout even thinking, if asked the best fruit, I’ll say apple, if asked – a friend, I’ll say – Zozo”, - is joking Karen Aghamyan. The friendship between painters Karen Aghamyan and Zohrab Mirzoyan is about half-century old. Friends were even their parents. “Yerevan used to be a rather small town, everyone knew each other…” 

Davit Minasyan, Ashot Harutyunyan

“Ashot is a friend of my grandfather, I “inherited” him from my father, Yura Minasyan, who has taught Ashot in Terlemezyan.” TV series “Two Friends” features painter Davit Minasyan and sculptor Ashot Harutyunyan. 

Vachagan Sargsyan, Khoren Hakobyan

Two friends remember and tell smilingly the story how the ABC book of Vachagan Sargsyan with the illustrations of painter Khoren Hakobyan came into life. And it goes without saying that the one who mostly tells about it is Vachagan Sargsyan. Khoren Hakobyan is not a man of words. They think that friendship is also keeping silent together. 


Moni Hovsepyan, Ruben Giney

“My friendship with my aunt Moni started in the moment I was born…” Childhood memories of film director Ruben Giney are very vivid. Painter Moni Hovsepyan remembers Ruben to be very serious and curious as a child. “There is always something to learn from Ruben. He’s the archiver of our family”, - says Moni.