The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert

Arsine – Look, how tortured is Jesus from the heat, and he didn’t eat anything for forty days…
Misak – Yes, but still he won’t betray the God and believe in the promises of Satan, will be? 
Arsine – No way. The Satan is too far from faith.


Good News

Girl – Look, that’s Archangel Gabriel!
Boy – The one bringing the good news? 
Girl – Yes, that’s what it has come down. To tell about the special plan of God. 
Boy – The most special, important and main one?   
Girl – Yes, the most-most….


Jonah in the Belly of a Fish

Girl: Jonah tells everything; he says that the storm was because of him and the sailors will throw him away into the sea. 
Boy: But they aren’t going to throw him into the sea, are they? 
Girl: They did it!
Boy: Oh, I don’t believe it! Is he drowning? 
Girl: I don’t remember, let’s watch…