The period of the Great Lent is starting.

The curtains of the altars in all churches has been shut to commence the Great Lent. The Christians have a special conduct during those days. 

Second Sunday of the Great Lent - the Sunday of Expulsion

The second Sunday of the Great Lent is called Sunday of Expulsion in view of the exile of Adam and Eve from paradise. During the Divine Liturgy in the Mother Church, numerous believers partook in the sacrament of the Sunday of Expulsion.

Armenian Theological Seminary of Jerusalem recognized to be the best in

On April 21, the results of the 2017 Pan-Armenian Awards “For notable contributions to the preservation of the Armenian identity” organized by the Ministry of Diaspora were summed up and diplomas were granted during a solemn ceremony.  Armenian Theological Seminary of Jerusalem won the first prize “Best Armenian School”.

The National Library presented 100 books to Calcutta Humanitarian Seminary.

Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Library of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the National Library of Armenia have an extensive experience of cooperation. Recently, a book exchange took place. The National Library presented 100 books to the Calcutta Humanitarian Seminary functioning under the auspices of the Mother See. 

Nemra Rock Band

The idea to get together as a rock band was Van’s and Vaspur’s. Later they were joined by Marek and Marianna. They tell the rest of the story. 

Historical-Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Metsamor”

The Historical-Archaeological Museum “Metsamor” was constructed in 1968. All the exhibits displayed here feature specific cultural layers of diverse eras. They were all without exceptions unearthed in this territory. More than 27 000 artifacts were discovered during the excavations of over half century, yet the name of the settlements is still unknown. 

Candlelight Divine Liturgy at the Pontifical Residence was followed by Home Blessing ceremony

Ս. After the Candlelight Divine Liturgy, the clergy accompanied the Armenian Patriarch with singings to the Residency.  According to the tradition, a Home Blessing ceremony was held at the Residency. 

Brotherly visit of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II to Vatican

Brotherly visit of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II to Vatican was completed. The spiritual and lay leaders of our country participated in the opening of the monument of St. Gregory of Narek. The Supreme Patriarch had a private talk to the Pope of Rome. To mark their brotherhood and friendship of many years, Pope Francis presented a cross decorated with images of Sistine Chapel to Karekin II. Afterwards, the leaders of Churches visited St. Peter Church. In front of the Armenian St. Patriarch Grigor Lusavorich a private prayer was delivered.

Ara Shiraz

"The Master of the Portrait Sculptor": this is how art critics describe one of the brightest phenomena of the 20th century Armenian fine arts - Ara Shiraz. Our program is about his innovative ideas, creation cycles and interesting episodes of his biography.

“Driver’s Friend”

It’s been a few years since our drivers have civil defendors: the NGO “Driver’s Friend” studies and examines every single complaint they receive from citizens. If the driver is convinced that the penalty is precarious, the organization helps them to write legally accurate claim, appeal and protect their rights. Knowledgeable experts quickly react to any changes introduced in traffic and inform citizens via different communication channels to ensure safe traffic. 

The monument of St. Gregory of Narek was inaugurated in Vatican

On April 4-5, the spiritual and lay delegations headed by the President of RA Serzh Sargsyan and Karekin II Catholicos were in Vatican. The Holy See inaugurated the monument of St. Gregory of Narek proclaimed as Universal Teacher.

Vordan Karmir Rock Band

Vordan karmir - the crimson carmine (Armenian cochineal) used in the 100 years old carpets of Karabakh grandma’s dowry turned into the title of a Vanadzor-based rock band. Founded in 2004, the band "Vordan Karmir" is functioning and creating in its native town Vanadzor, with concerts both in Yerevan and beyond. Our crew was hosted in the rehearsal room renovated and fitted personally by the boys of "Vordan Karmir" rock band.