The day of our meeting - "Lav Eli "

The "Lav Eli" group are sincerely talking 

Mari Erkat

In the 1950s and 1960s, Marie Erkat was one of the first to make dolls with national figures. Her hundreds of dolls of historical significance represent the costumes of people of different social backgrounds in the regions of Western and Eastern Armenia.


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The Godfather - Ararat Melkumyan

This year the Godfather of the cross of the Water Blessing service at the end of the Christmas liturgy in St. Mariane Church in Ashtarak is the hero of Artsakh, Major General Ararat Melkumyan. The high-ranking military serviceman took the sacred cross to his place of residence and service in Artsakh. In Artsakh, the sacred cross was taken in military bases, in the families of fallen servicemen, in ancient sanctuaries.

Question and answer session with Stepanakert residents. Life after the war

Our film crew walked the streets of Stepanakert, talked to people about the post-war mood.

The Water-blessing Cross of the St. Mariane Church in Artsakh

This year in the St. Mariane Church of Ashtarak, a hero of Artsakh, Major General Ararat Melkumyan, a participant in the three wars, was elected the Godfather of the Water-Blessing Cross. According to the order, after the ceremony, the high-ranking military officer took the Holy Cross of the Altar to his place of service, his birthplace, Artsakh

Pontifical Divine Liturgy for the Holy Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ in St. Mariane Church in Ashtarak

This year in St. Mariane church of Ashtarak the Godfather of the Blessed Cross was the hero of Artsakh, Major General Ararat Melkumyan, a participant in three wars.

Good News of Holy Nativity

The "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group permirmance. 

Traditional New Year

Santa Claus, songs, games and dances. In the Ttu Jur and Dzoraglukh villages of Aparan, the "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group celebrates the New Year. Let's recognize the traditional Armenian New Year.

Albert Zakaryan

Kamancha, oud, kanon, santur - these instruments can be seen in Albert Zakaryan's studio. He is one of the unique masters of our city who makes national instruments. The 83-year-old has been making tools since the 1960s and says his engineering education has helped him a lot. Many famous performers play the instruments of Master Albert, he was able to innovate and those instruments we used to know sound newly today.

Old Band

Formed by young people since 2014, the "Old Band" presents unique developments of Armenian folk music. The musical quartet, enriching the works known to us with harmonious and rhythmic aspects, strives to get a choral sound.

The wisdom of caring for the soul of David Anhaght and We. Lecture

What can be done so that evil is not sowed in the society? Silva Petrosyan, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, spoke on "The Wisdom of Caring for the Soul of David Anhaght - We".