Rev. Fr. Nerses from the Artsakh Diocese

Father Nerses went through war, siege, loss of loved ones, a thousand and one trials with his family and community. On September 30, he was forced out of Stepanakert, when the enemy was already in the outskirts of the city. The priest from Artsakh assures that they were ready to endure hunger and poverty, if only Artsakh would remain. 

"When we see and miss each other, we hug each other." The covenant of the people of Artsakh to Holy Translators church in Parpi

With the efforts of the Primates of Artsakh and Aragatsotn dioceses, our compatriots displaced from various villages and cities of Artsakh went on a pilgrimage to Holy Translators Church in the village of Parpi. 

Nationwide prayer with powerful relics in diocese churches

The summary video refers to the order of special prayers raised by the power of holy relics in the churches of Goris, Sisian, Kapan, Gyumri, Ohanavan, Armavir and Varagavank. On October 1, the day of nationwide prayer for Artsakh, various relics were taken out of the sacred vaults of the Mother See and taken to the presbyterian churches.

The situation at the reception station of Kornidzor (29.09.2023)

As of 10:00 a.m., the number of forcibly displaced persons from Artsakh is 88,780. Our reporter records the situation in Kornidzor and the stories of the displaced.

Aruch: Mamikonian residence and 7th century church

Sanctuaries, caravanserai, fort, palace of Mamikonians, many khachkars. However, the pride of the people of Aruch, who have received a rich historical heritage, is the 7th century Saint Grigor Church, next to which was the residence of Grigor Mamikonyan.

Arman Peshtmaljian, Zhanna Davtyan, "Summer Night"

As a result of the joint work of Arman Peshtmaljian and Zhanna Davtyan, the popular song "Summer Night" has received a new color. The musicians presented interesting details about the instrumentation of the song and the making of the video clip at our pavillion. 

Avetis Harutyunyan. Historical and geographical description of Armenia

Professor Avetis Harutyunyan, candidate of historical sciences at the Gevorgyan Seminary, presents the historical-geographic profile and borders of Armenia.

Vahe Torosyan. The coronation of Levon II and inter-church relations in Cilician Armenia

Vahe Torosyan, candidate of historical sciences at the Gevorgyan Seminary, presents the important political and historical issues preceding the reign of the Armenian King Levon II, which were resolved thanks to the joint action of secular and spiritual leaders of the time.

Vigen Hovsepyan- "Moonlit Night"

Singer and guitarist Vigen Hovsepyan, famous for his performances of folk songs, tells the story of the Armenian folk song "Moonlit Night", which he developed and arranged with the Norwegian musician Harvard Enstard.

Kamo Vardanyan- The socio-psychological issue of the family

Professor Kamo Vardanyan, doctor of psychological sciences at the Gevorgyan Seminary, presents the definition of the concept of family, the socio-psychological problems of the family.

Mohana- "Lao"

The song "Lao" created with the music of Richard Madlenyan and the Western Armenian text of Grigor Kyokchyan is a love story of a girl. How the song reached the young singer Mohana, you will find out while watching "The Story of the Song".

Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilyan. The relationship between man and God according to the Jehovah's Witnesses sect

At the Gevorgyan Seminary, Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilyan presents the ideas of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect about the human-God relationship and eternal life.