On the occasion of the Pentecost, a festive Liturgy was served in St. Anna Church

The festive service was performed in St. Anna church by Rev. Fr. Vahram Melikyan. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, Primate of the Diocese of Tavush, on the occasion of the Feast, noticed that the coming of the Pentecost should not only be perceived as a historical event, but also that the presence and power of the Holy Spirit should be used as a guide in everyday life. The Archbishop described the confused and lonely state of mind of the apostles after the resurrection, before the apparition.

"Degh" alternative rock band

"Degh" alternative rock band will perform new works
The alternative rock group "Degh" is preparing to release an album of its famous and popular works. The group is currently working on new compositions as well. In 2010, the "Degh" alternative rock band, formed by Robert Khudaverdyan, Ashot Danielyan and Hakob Torgomyan, left the scene after several years of active activity. Two years ago, the group returned with a different composition and continues to create.

On May 9, the Brotherhood of the Mother See visited "Victory" Park

On May 9, on the occasion of the Victory and Peace Day, the Brotherhood of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the members of the spiritual leadership of the RA Armed Forces visited the "Victory" park memorial complex, where after placing flowers at the monument of the Unknown Soldier, they paid their respects to the indelible memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War and Artsakh battles.

The forcibly displaced architect from Artsakh calls to stand up

He was involved in the restoration of the historical and cultural structures and churches of Artsakh. He studied the villages of Artsakh with a history of thousands of years, the houses and streets with their unique architectural solutions. He considers that despite the created situation, he should not lose his vigilance.

The Armenian Genocide Museum was replenished with valuable samples related to Soghomon Tehliryan

Arpi Oskanyan and Anush Oskanyan-Ohanyan, granddaughters of Soghomon Tehliryan's cousin, a member of the "Nemesis" operation, handed over the unique diary and unique photos of the great Armenian to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

"Vanakan" Rock Band

"Vanakan" will release a new song
"Vanakan" rock band is going to release a new song and shoot videos in the near future. The group has a history of only a few years, but managed to acquire an army of fans. The members of "Vanakan" group simultaneously work in other places and invest their earned money for the development of the group.

On April 21, the Red Gospel will be taken to Hovhanavank

On Red Sunday (Fourth Sunday), April 21, the Red Gospel of the Holy Apostles Monastery of Msho will be in Hovhanavank of Aragatsotn Diocese. The holy book will remain in the church all day. General Andranik swore on this very Gospel with his troops before the battle.

Gayane Eliazyan

For 25 years, Gayane Eliazyan has been leading the Restoration department of Mesrop Mashtots library. He remembers when he was hired, there were eight employees in the department, now twenty-seven specialists work under his leadership. Ms. Gayane admits that working with ancient manuscripts gives meaning to life.

Henrik Siravyan

"This is how, one beautiful day, the Armenian people will embrace and love you", back in 1961, Martiros Sayran, drawing his student, predicted his future. Henrik Siravyan, one of the brightest and original artists of the 60s generation.

Stepan Rostomyan

Composer Stepan Rostomyan's international recognition began in 1989, when the Soviet Union commissioned him to compose works for the "New Beginning" festival in Glasgow. Today, Rostomyan's symphonies are played on prestigious stages of the world. The "Yerevan Perspectives" international music festival, which already has a rich biography, was created with the efforts of the composer.

Hakob Khalatyan

Hakob Khalatyan has been inseparable from Kamancha for forty years. He made many adaptations of classical and folk works. He performed Khachatryan's violin and orchestra concerto with kamancha on different stages of the world, Ed. Baghdasaryan's Rhapsody, Avet Terteryan's 5th Symphony and other classical works. 

Armen Atayan

The 94-year-old painter considers his most successful painting to be the one he made in kindergarten. Even today, Armen Atayan is in the studio for hours, trying to tell about the harmony of nature and man with his thousands of works.