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Abstraction is your inner energy, which you bring out every time based on a specific situation"- artist, sculptor Raffi Musakhanyan is creating. 

Apostle Philip

The Gospel talks little about Philip. The Apostle’s name – Philippos has Greek origin, meaning fond of horses. Before meeting Christ, he most likely was one of the disciples of John the Baptist, like John and Andrew. He was also obsessed with expectation of the Messiah, and just as most of his contemporaries, did not even suspect that He, whom he was longing to see, was already there, next to him. 

Acts: Apostle James

Apostle James and his brother John were the sons of Zebedee. In the bibliography, Apostle James was also called James the Elder or Elder Apostle to differ from James, the son of Alpheus and the brother of Jesus – James. He was mainly preaching in Rome, Spain and Jerusalem. 

Acts: Apostle Thomas

Despite that there are scarce references on Thomas, a few episodes from the Gospel reveal a rather inquisitive, upright personality, though with a reputation of somewhat doubting person. 

Sarkis Hamalbashian

Sarkis Hamalbashian is creating

Star of Christmas

What would happen were the family of the Child the Christ to knock at the doors and ask for shelter? How do we experience the Christmas?