Puppet Making Class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center

Every year dozens of children come to puppet making class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center , who don’t know how to make dalls. Everythings starts with choosing the idea, tale. And every child has a tale: the teacher Lyuda Martirosyan is sure in that.

Ruined Pilgrimages of Odzun

Odzun village is one of the most ancient residencies of Armenia. The churches and monastery complexes – Tsakhkevank, Horomayr, Ardvi, St. Hovhan Odznetsi pilgrimage, that are found in this area come to prove, that for centuries, Odzun served as the religious-cultural center of the region. Unfortunately, most of the pilgrimages of Odzun are ruined.
Video has been made in 2008.

The Mystery of Khaz Notation

The history doesn't say much about ancient Armenian church melodies, including khazer, in particular, how were the Armenian spiritual songs notated before the 8 th century, if ever. Khaz notations were created in the 8th century, and as a means of notation, lasted till the 8th century and forgotten at a later stage. The biggest investment in the efforts to find the key to khazer was made by Komitas Vardapet. A significant part of manuscrips recorded in khaz continue to remain illegible up till now.