Christmas Ritual Puppets

Traditional puppets, Kaghand grandfather, khlvliks and aralezes have been transformed into new puppets today. Puppet makers show how to do it, preserving the sacrament and content of folk rituals of Christmas.

Father Nerses Rushanyan

“A priest is a crown-wearing, anointed clergyman, but he must be surrounded by the trust, love and faith of believers”. 
The TV program series “My Pastor” was hosted by the pastor of St. Astvatsatsin Church of Artimed village Father Nerses Rushanyan.


Vigen Hovsepyan

Vigen moved to Spain in 2001 with his family. After graduating the school he took up music. He has played in Barselona Ethnic ensemble. He returned to Armenia after he met his future wife. “Today Yerevan has changed greatly, I hope we will soon build such an Armenia where we can invite everyone back with high spirits”.  

Nune Chukhajyan

At present, felting is widespread in Armenia. Nune Chukhajyan is doing art work in this type of craft. Works with various methods, such as nuno felting, felt drawing, and ecoprinting. She makes jackets, scarves, bags, hats and accessories.


Nare Bejanyan

Nare Bejanyan is an alpinist, she returned to Armenia from Doni Rostov. She confesses that it’s not easy to live in Armenia; she is often distressed. When she is ready to go back, the mountains come to help… 

Mamikon Mikayelyan, Ashot Mikayelyan

Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyans are artists, sculptors and fond of experiments. They work with diverse materials: copper, silver, stone, wood. They even treat jewelry like a sculpture. The twin brothers work together, discuss, argue, agree, eventually producing such works which satisfy them both.


Arthur Kuyumjian, Raffi Kuyumjian

Kuyumjians family moved from Syria to Armenia and had to start everything from zero.Today, they think Armenia is the only place to live fully. They are happy that they make part of Armenia and no one can ever take them out of their house. 

Aram Muradyan

Aram is an animator by profession. In addition, he makes furniture from anything he comes across - old furniture, old iron pieces, TV screens, old beds. "The material does not matter, the important thing is to see what can it turn to, and I do see that." 
It is like a sense of victory for Aram and his brother Hayk when they make something out of nothing.

Heghnar Petrosyan

Heghnar Petrosyan inhales a second life to flowers by making decorations with dried flowers. She tries to get flower collages with the help of plants growing in Armenia and picture the nature of Armenia. 

Tigran Yeganyan

Tigran Yeganyan got seriously ill while serving in the army. The fears and trepidations only worsened his state, but one day he saw a vision: “In my dream, the Lord extended His hand with a smile, and I chose the life”. 

Spartak Gevorgyan

Spartak Gevorgyan's copper sculptures mainly feature women. "It can not be falsified in art, especially when care is needed, and when creating a woman's image, you need to be even more honest", - our hero is convinced.

Armen Khachatryan, Arpi Kojayan

Armen and Arpi moved to Armenia from London. Arpi realized her dream – she is dancing in the State Dance Ensemble.
For them, living in Armenia has many advantages. "We want to assure all those who are surprised that you can live in Armenia, work and be happy."