Loving Poetry

What is poetry? What poetry is created today? Who do the poet and translator try to convey through the text-made lines? These issues are answered by poet Tatev Chakhyan and painter, translator Edik Poghosyan. 


New undertaking of the Foundation “Cultures Dialogue”

This is the second initiative of the “Culture Dialogue” of this year in commemorating the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. Painter Tigran Kirakosyan lived and painted in Germany for 2.5 months and presented his works at a personal exhibition. Merited artist and piano Hayk Melikyan had a solo concert in the same country titled “Waiting for the Dawn”. The artists told about the initiative during the press conference.



Fairy-tales of Tumanyan in Portuguese

Two installations dedicated to the children victims of the Genocide were opened in Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum. The bilingual book of Tumanyan’s fairy-tales and Brazilian legends were presented.



Presentation of the Armenian translation of Mark Mustian’s The Gendarme

Within the frame of the festival “Literary Arc: April”, the newly-opened library of Cafesjian Center for the Arts hosted the presentation of the Armenian translation of Mark Mustian’s The Gendarme. The translator is Maro Madoyan-Alajajian. The mentioned book has been translated into ten languages and won prizes.



Symphony No. 6 by Gustav Mahler performed by the Youth Orchestra of Armenia

The Symphony No. 6 by Gustav Mahler, "Tragic", was performed in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The premiere of the symphony was dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. 


Turkmenistan Culture Days in Armenia

From March 24-31, Turkmenistan Culture Days are held in Armenia. Armenia hosts a delegation of cultural and art figures of Turkmenistan. The project on restoration of Turkmen tomb located in Argavand village was also presented. 


Concert of Element Band in Chamber Music House

Element Band is in Armenia for the first time for concerts. The members of group live and create in the United States presenting and disseminating mostly Armenian music. The very first concert they had in Yerevan was held in Chamber Music House, Element Band presented its vivid musical palette. 


Loving the City

What is city? What is the phenomenon of Yerevan? Why and how do our heroes - Narek Van Ashughatoyan and painter, documentarist Peto Poghosyan, love Yerevan?


Jubilees of Russian Art Museum

The 35th anniversary of establishment and 30th anniversary of opening the Russian Art Museum was celebrated together with its old and new employees, friends, artists and art fans. Artists whose works were exhibited in the Museum were presented. 


Address of Komitas Vardapet in Yerevan

The activities ranging almost one and half years ended up in the doors of Komitas Museum-Institute to open in Komitas Park. 8 halls of the Museum showcase the life and activities of Vardapet, his thoughts and feelings, musical-theoretical and spiritual life and the heritage of rich folk literature he himself collected. 



What is love; the humanity searched for the answer to this question for ages. Today, the artists, scientists and philosophers still talk about the mystery of love and every single new definition leads to another set of questions. 
What is love? Father Nshan Alaverdyan, actor and director Hayk Zorikyan, actress Anahit Ter-Sargsyan, director Hakob Manukyan, literary critic Naira Balayan, philologist, translator Shushan Karapetyan make efforts to answer this very same question. 



Opening of Komitas Museum-Institute

In Komitas Pantheon of Yerevan the Museum of Komitas Vardapet was opened. This is the very first newly established Museum of the independent Armenia. It will have scientific-research center, universal concert hall of 200 seats, music studio, library, and a publishing house. Komitas Museum-Institute features composition from Komitas-related funds of Yeghishe Charents Literature and Art Museum, Armenian National Gallery and National Library.