Concert of Armenian State Chamber Choir devoted to the victims of 1998 earthquake

December 12 was a night of commemoration on the Chamber Music House. Just like every year, this time also the Armenian State Chamber Choir devoted a unique concert to the victims of 1998 earthquake. The program included spiritual music – Komitas, Igor Stravinsky, Davit Haladjian and Samuel Barber.


Boris Eifman: “Beyond Sin”

From November 16 to 17, St.-Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman presented the ballet “Beyond Sin”, based on “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, on the stage of A. Spendiarian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

Loving cinematography

Our heroes are director Diana Kardumian and film critic Raffi Movsisyan.
Author of seven feature and two documentary films, Diana painfully states that owing to barriers, she works less than her abilities would allow her to. However, her love to films is so big that she gets sincere – shooting a film is something she cannot but do it.
Raffi Movsisyan choose his profession accidentally. It is due to that accident that currently he has a favorite job and can’t imagine himself without it. By his profession he watches over 400 films annually. With the help of films, Raffi tries, at least for himself, to “edit” those shortcomings that happen in real life.



Exhibition of Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikyan in HayArt

On September 7, HayArt Cultural Center hosted the exhibition of Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikyan. The event was organized by “Cultural Dialogue” Foundation. The exhibition features both the early, as well as more mature works of the painter. The opening of the exhibition was marked by the presentation of the first trilingual album of Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikyan.


Italian Specialist in Armenia

From September 2-21, Italian restorer Lucia Miazzo conducted theoretical training courses. The Project on restoration of metal artifacts, archeological finds and earthen was a three-month event implemented on the basis of an agreement (“Assistance to local institutions in the protection and restoration of cultural heritage”) signed in 2011 between the Foreign Affairs Ministries of Armenia and Italy.

“From East to West: from Modern to Postmodern” Armenian authors

The works by over 70 famous paintors including both the young and also those from the last 200 years, showcased in one exhibition hall. July 11-17, the Museum of Modern Art hosted the exhibition called “From East to West: from Modern to Postmodern”: Armenian authors. One platform to feature different types of art – classical painting, photo art, pop art, sculpture. For the first time ever, both classical and modern and young authors creating within the last two centuries, were presented side by side. The organizers of the exhibition were the “High Art” Center, AA Auction and the project .

Loving the music

Our heroes are the pianist Julietta Vardanyan and director Hakob Manukyan. Although the first recollections of piano are not so lively for Julietta due to her teacher’s long and scary red fingernails, however, it didn’t keep her from choosing music as her profession and become a professional pianist. The rehearsals, recordings and concerts take most part of her day.
As for the director Hakob Manukyan, for him the music is something that comes out of one’s heart, he has chosen a non-professional path of self-improvement – he founded his own reggae band and through his music he tries to silence the noise we are in every day.

Van Gogh

He was convinced that the most genuine way to know God was to love everything around us. All what his heart and thoughts were filled with, turned into a painting. He was dreaming… painting what he dreamt.

Leonid Yengibarov

Leonid Yengibaryan had very short life, and even shorter was his creative life. He knew, that he’s going to live exactly as long as his idols did – Van Gogh and Pushkin. But he wasn’t in haste of dying, the king of clowns loved the life…

Loving the book

How and how much can one love book? Where you can get by loving book?
''Life is a limited time granted for reading'', is convinced Hrach Saribekyan, writer. He loves book so much that often thinks that love as punishment. He says that all, that one would do for living, he will do for book.
As for Seda Shekoyan, art critic, to her, a book is a vehicle helping her to get moved to a place she cannot physically be at that moment. She thinks herself to be a consumer-reader, who is interested in the meeting with books. She reads a lot both by hard copy, as well as electronically, and thinks that both are equally important and will persist yet long.

Next Station - Belarus

A cultural cooperation program for 2014-2017 will be signed between the Ministries of Culture of Armenia and Belarus. The ballet “Spartacus” will be jointly staged in Yerevan and Minsk. Prior to that, from May 1-5, 2013, Armenian culture days were held in Belarus. The Armenian culture was presented by the performances of Armenia state dance ensemble “Barekamutyun” (“Friendship”), exhibition of the designer Arevik Petrosyan’s paintings and screening of Armenian films.

Cultural Nabourhood

Five Armenian Churches will be renovated in Tbilisi. Armenian specialists are also to take part in these activites. The official visit of the RA Minister of Culture to Georgia, made in March 20, 2013, produced tangible results.
Bilateral program will save a number of monuments from destruction, shaping new quality for the cultural nabourhood between two countries.