Artsakh- Hakobavank Monastery

Surb Hakobavank from Metsaran is in the Martakert region of the Republic of Artsakh. In the 13th century, Hakobavank was a famous place of pilgrimage and seat of the Eastern Armenians, Artsakh and Utik. The relic of the pan-Christian saint Hakob Mtsbna was kept here. Saint Hakobavank Monastery from Metsaran is under the jurisdiction of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. After the Artsakh war of 2020, a pan-Armenian fund-raising was started for the repair of the monastery.

Anonymous Height. An episode of the 44-day war

The separate episodes of the 44-day Artsakh war are not studied that much. We know the territories of the Artsakh Republic occupied by Azerbaijan, handed over by the November 9 declaration, the names of the boys who died or were wounded during the war. We do not know who they are, where, how they fought, what problems they performed, what decisions they made on the spot.  The documentary "Anonymous Height" examines in detail and reveals one episode of the 44-day war, the capture of the hill called Anonymous Height in the south of Artsakh. We present a part of a full-length film.

Amaras-the Border Church

It is the spring of 2021, we are in Artsakh. The war of 2020 is over, but life is no longer as before! The war changed positions.  Russian peacekeepers, Armenian army positions and the walls of Amaras stand on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Martuni region. We are greeted by the abbot of the day.

Before Tomorrow's Victory. Part 4

Visit of Rev. Fr. Movses Sargsyan, Head Chaplain of the RA Armed Forces to Kapan and Meghri (May 2021). 

Before Tomorrow's Victory. Part 3

Visit of Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Movses Sargsyan, Head Chaplain of the Armed Forces Ministry of the Republic of Armenia and Primate of the Diocese of Artshakh to Syunik region (May, 2021)



Before tomorrow's victory. Part 2

Visit of Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Movses Sargsyan, Head Chaplain of the Armed Forces Ministry of the Republic of Armenia to Vayots Dzor and Syunik (May, 2021).

Before tomorrow's victory

Pilgrimage to Napat takes place every year on the eve of the May Victory Feast. This year the tradition was preserved, despite the difficult moods, for the sake of strengthening and the will to remain stable in identity. 
On May 2, on the Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross, the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, and Rev. Fr. Movses Sargsyan, Head Chaplain of the Armed Forces made a pilgrimage to Martakert, the Holy Savior Monastery of Napat.
Our borders and border guards were blessed with the Holy Cross of Ashot the Iron, the guardian of the Armenian army.

"Arlupa" app, augmented reality

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Dadivank. Farewell pilgrimage

The price of peace established in Artsakh on November 10 was very expensive. Karvachar was to be handed over to Azerbaijan. By November 15, the Armenian population had to leave the territory - the homeland, the land, the house ... The pearl of Karvachar - Dadivank. Our film crew arrived in Dadivank on the afternoon of November 12, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin decided to move the valuable cross-stones and frescoes of Dadivank for rescue purposes. 



Spiritual Servant Dn. Ishkhan Gevorgyan

During the 44-day war period, the spiritual servants of the Armenian Church were among the soldiers and commanders.

The war is over, but the service of the spiritual servants continues. Our film crew visited Sisian and met Deacon Ishkhan Gevorgyan.


Unheard voices

Young ethnographers conducted this study for publishing a scientific collection. They recorded an alternative story - the memories of common people. We were following them. “Unheard voices” would sometimes turn to camera, sometimes prefer to stay anonymous.

Buildings of Mother Cathedral

The camera is following Father Ararat Poghosyan walking in the territory of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. He is showing the historical and newly constructed buildings within the territory of the Mother Cathedral. 
A wonderful video guide for those who are familiar with, but hadn’t been there for a while, or have no idea as to why is Holy Etchmiadzin considered to be an open-air museum.