Francisco Goya

He lived in the period of time which was a turning point for Spain to become the eyewittness of luxurious masquerades and horrible wars. He had the kings and toreadors, Courtesan and princesses, poets and ministers in front of his perspicacious eye. His art largely predetermined and ordained the developments of 19th century painting. 
The life and art of Francisco Goya in the format of TV encyclopedia. 


Antonio Gaudi

On July 2003, the Vatican Council was discussing the issue of canonizing Antonio Gaudi. People assured that on his funeral day even the city walls were crying, while the towers bowed their heads… 
Life and creations of Antonio Gaudi in the format of TV encyclopedia. 


Claude Monet

“After all, he’s just a mere eye. But oh, God, what an eye…”, - exclaimed once Cezanne referring to this painter. This was that very eye which could feel, see and make even the sunlight tangible. Painter of the Sun – this was how the founder and its last representative was labeled eventually. 
The life and creations of Claude Mone in the format of TV encyclopedia. 


Luis Bunuel

He changed the world yet he remained faithful to himself. He lived and created in three countries yet he created world art. This filmmaker was Luis Bunuel – the “Master of Surrealism”. The life and creations of the great Spanish classic presented in the TV series “Known- Unknown Cinematography”. 

Rouben Mamoulian

Who was this innovator of movie world? What discoveries did he make? What inventions? He often cited Shakespeare: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players", and then added: "The most important thing is to act well regardless how bad or good your play is".
Get to know the brilliant 90 years' "acting" of Rouben Mamoulian in the format of "Encyclopedia".