March 28

There is no unforgivable sin for God
It will be an unforgivable sin if you refuse God. Christ is present in the whole world today, not only spiritually, but also physically, through his body and blood.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this
(28 † Great Thursday. Fast day. Remembrance of the Last Supper- Jn. 12.27-43: Isa. 60.20-22: Ezek. 36.24-31: Heb. 10.19-31: Luk. 7.36-50: Gen. 22:1-18: Isaiah 61:1-7: Acts 1:15-26: Mark 14:1-26: 1 Corinthians 11:23-32: Matt. 26:17-30: The Order washing of the feet: Exodus 30:17-21: 2 Kings 7:38-40 : 2 Remnant: 4:2-6: Isa: 44:2-6: 1 Corinthians: 10:1-4: 1 John: 4:7-21: John: 13:1-11: John: 13:12-15: ).

March 27

God loves us 
The Lord loves us because we are created in his image and likeness. The Lord urges us not to judge the other person, but to take the most precious thing, repentance, and anoint the Lord's feet with our tears.
Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this.
(27th Great Wednesday. Fast day- 14.1-11: Genesis 18.1-19.30: Acts 1.10-19: Zech. 11.11-14: Matt. 26.3-16)

March 26

Stay awake because you know neither the day nor the hour
No one knows when the Lord will come, but we must be ready to meet him every second. Be awake every moment, do good, worship God with humanity, keep the commandments.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this.
(26 Great Tuesday. Fast day. Remembrance of the Ten Virgins Mk. 12.13-44: Gen. 6.9-9.17: Acts. 9.1-10.6: Isa. 40.9-17: Matt. 24.1-26.2.)

March 25

Each of you refer to your fruits
The Lord Jesus will approach everyone's mind, heart and soul. Show your fruits to the master, so that you do not wither like a barren fig tree. Ask the Lord to make you fruitful.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.
(25 Great Monday-Fast Day: Matt. 21.18-22.14: Gen. 1.1-3.24: Acts. 1.1-9: Isa. 40.1-8: Matt. 20.17-28: )

March 24

Christ comes to us
We must go to Christ and ask him to open our sight. Open the blindness caused by sin so that we can see the real king. To be able to see the kingdom of God.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this (24 † Sunday. Palm Sunday-Fast Day: 1.1-2.3: Zech. 9.9-15: Philip. 4.4-7: Matt. 20.29- 21.17: )

March 23

Satan begins to test those who are closer toward God
As much as God's grace works in our lives, there are no shortage of trials. The life of every believer is a living testimony for people who have not yet seen the path of conversion.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this (23 Forty First day of Great Lent. Remembrance of the Raising of Lazarus-Ar. 14.27-35: 1 Thess. 4.12-17: John. 11.55-12.11: )

March 22

Teach your children by own example
The testimony of the Lord's glory should not be by compulsion, but by one's own example. First, we must live by the commandments of the Lord, then we must show our children by our example that living in the glory of the Lord brings us peace. Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this.
(22 Fortieth day of Great Lent. 11.10-25: Job. 21.1-34: Is. 46.3-47.4: )

March 21

Receive my kingdom within you
We are a big family. There are many disagreements, misunderstandings, jealousy and many negative phenomena among us. The only way to eliminate all of that is to worship God and keep the commandments.

March 20

The only way to salvation is humility
Jesus Christ, entering Jerusalem sitting on a donkey, shows by his example that the greatest strength of Christianity and humanity is humility. The Lord bowed down to save us, but we refuse to bow down to save ourselves.
Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this. 
(20 Mon. Thirty Eighth day of Great Lent- Exodus: 4.21-5.3: Zechar. 9.9-16: )

March 19

Each of us has our place in Christ's church
God gives people graces to carry out his plan. The diversity of graces, instead of bringing unity, causes problems among people: some are jealous, some are proud.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this.
(19 Thirty Seventh day of Great Lent: 1 Cor. 12.8-27:)

March 18

Ask God to open your grace
Every believer has the grace of the Lord to act, to work, to move, not to remain calm and not to be lazy. The diversity of those gifts is for him to be useful to one another.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.
(18 Thirty Sixth day of Great Lent Dan. 7.2-27: 1 Cor. 12.1-7: )

March 17

We must be ready for the coming of God's son
No one knows when the second coming of Christ will be. That's why you have to be awake, pray and be ready every moment for the coming of the son of God. We must keep God's commandments.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this (17 † Sunday, Sixth Sunday of Great Lent. Sunday of the Advent- Isa. 66.1-24: Col. 2.8-3.17: Matt. 22.34-23.39: )