Hector Berlioz

“Piano is a guillotine that beheads the noble, and is harmless only for the slavish mediocrity”. In his soul the music was audible exclusively in orchestral colours. Life and creative path of composer, conductor, musical critic Gustav Mahler in the format of encyclopedia.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 1

Part one of the film series presents the story of origination of apocrypha, the principles and reasons for distinguishing between canonical and noncanonical books.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 3

Third part presents the story of the Gospel of Judas found in Egypt in 1978, its content analysis and the discussions on the manuscript.


Noncanonical gospels. Part 4

Fourth part of the series addresses one of the most famous figures of the human history – Judas. Who was Judas and why did this very same person betray the Saviour? What truths did he master? How can he be justified? Was Judas a betrayer or a victim? What literary and culturological interpretations did Judas’ character lead to?

Witnesses of Faith

The film is about the history of Armenian Diocese in Russia and Nor Nakhijevan, Armenian-Russian historical and church relations, as well as about the construction of Diocesan Church Complex of Moscow.

Two Roads

The film “Two Roads” is a story about two young people with hearing disability, who are continuously fighting and creating. One of the heroes is 27 years old Hayk, who can’t imagine his life without dancing, while 17 years old Goharik dreams of travelling, painting and then selling her paintings and supporting her family. “Two Roads” voices the difficulties faced by people with hearing disability living in Armenia, reveals the attitude of the society and the state towards people with such issues. The film was produced by the request of “French-Armenian Development Foundation”.

Leonid Yengibarov

Leonid Yengibaryan had very short life, and even shorter was his creative life. He knew, that he’s going to live exactly as long as his idols did – Van Gogh and Pushkin. But he wasn’t in haste of dying, the king of clowns loved the life…

Richard Bach

Early 1970-ies, America… A young man - ragged, unshaven, with all his belongings in a tiny bag, was standing in the telephone booth. The lovely female voice calls over – your account makes four million three hundred dollar. The lucky one was called Richard Bach. He sent his lyrical tale to one of the publishing houses of New York and never thought it would shake the whole city of New York...