They are with us, next to us. They are painters, musicians, writers, priests, scholars, physicians, who create value for everyone throughout their lives; people, whose deeds are not parimetered by the present tense.
They have to be known, they have to be discerned in the source of the their creation, we have to know what they think about yesterday, today and tomorrow, the man, Nature and God.

Henrik Edoyan

“I have been working using only ten, twenty percent of my capacity. Were the time to be reversed, I would do so much more. Yet we did what we did”, - confesses the author of a dozens of poetic and literary criticism books Henrik Edoyan. The program is about the philosophy, the creative evolution of the poet.

Vilen Martikyan

In 19 he was the secretary of Art and Literature Section of one of the most notorious newspapers of the Soviet Armenia, the Avantgarde. In 25, he was the founder of The Sportsman of Armenia (Hayastani Fizkulturnik). Presently, he is the advisor to the Executive Director of Public Radio.
The life of journalist Vilen Martikyan is full of trials. He has been working for an entirely two different regimes…


Svetlana Grigoryan

“We always want to impress you with our great performance, especially if the role is well managed. It is that magical power that keeps you with us, otherwise why would you even need to come and watch us …”.
The hero of the film series “The Devoted” is the RA National Artist Svetlana Grigoryan.



Henrik Mamyan

We saw Levon Shant’s “Old Gods”, Daniel Varuzhan’s “The Concubine”, Lermontov’s “Mtsiri”, Tumanyan’s “Anush”, heroes of Isahakyan and Charents. The works of painter also embellish the churches in Artsakh, Oshakan, Tashir, Sisian. Friends, colleagues, daughter of the painter help present the TV image of the “soldier, steward”.

Boris Pepanyan

“This boy was born for our genre”, - said Karp Khachvankian, the great Armenian comedian and National Artist of Armenia, as he saw him. After his graduation from the Institute of Theatre, Boris Pepanyan is in the Musical Comedy Theatre after H. Paronyan for nearky 40 years now. This program which is devoted to the merited actor, tells about his major and minor roles, young years, current work and the future expectations.

Aram Gharabekian

In 1996, after quitting the position of Lead Conductor of Boston Symphonic Orchestra, Aram Gharabekian returned Armenia. In his homeland, he was entrusted with the responsibility of combining Yerevan State Chamber Orchestra and Armenia State Chamber Orchestra to create one Orchestra. After a short while, the Orchestra assumed active role in the music life of the country. Armenian audience has a vivid memory of the concerts Aram Gharabekian organized. In 2014, January 11, the music world had a grave loss – sudden death of the renowned conductor happened in the United States.

Harutyun Chalikyan

“Humor is the salt of life”, - believes the cartoonist Harutyun Chalikyan. People are displayed with all their most vivid and hidden features of character. His gaze does not miss any political or public figures, artists and men of culture.

Andranik Kochar

He used to carry his Rolleiflex 3G camera with him. He took the photos secretly, he never wanted to attract attention. He was thinking long before he found the second he sought. The TV program is about Andranik Kochar, whose photos exposed new aspects of the Armenian art, science and figures of culture. His landscapes and compositions lead to new ways in the Armenian photography.


Martin Aharonyan

Martin Aharonyan believes that all his songs own their unique fate. The professional painter is now popular for his songs and music. Martin Aharonyan considers the music to be the most spiritual of all arts.

Sos Sargsyan

Reflections and thoughts of National Artist of Armenia, Sos Sargsyan, on the the paths passed, his concers over the present-day art, theatre and life.
Colleagues from Hamazgayin (National) Theatre tell about Sos Sargsyan.

Armen Blbulyan

Armen Blbulyan is building musical instruments for such a long time that he can’t even remember himself without a guitar. Many famous musicians play the instruments he made which number around 100. All the works of the Master are made exclusively with his hands. Armen Blbulyan is the only Armenian guitar builder who participates in the NAMM international exhibition of musical instruments held in US for many years. Armen Blbulyan has an intellectual property right over two models of guitar – first one is fretless four-octave intruments, and the second – eight-string bass guitar.

Albert Azaryan

The successes he achieved in sport are rarely achievable by anyone. Albert Azaryan, the renowned gymnast, twice an Olympic Champion, World, Asian and Europe Champion, USSR coach, tells interesting episodes from his life and victories.