They are with us, next to us. They are painters, musicians, writers, priests, scholars, physicians, who create value for everyone throughout their lives; people, whose deeds are not parimetered by the present tense.
They have to be known, they have to be discerned in the source of the their creation, we have to know what they think about yesterday, today and tomorrow, the man, Nature and God.

Ruben Altunyan

Ruben Altunyan, RA National Artist, reknown composer, tells about his compositions, musical adaptations, orchestras he conducted. During the program new and old works of the composer are played. Ruben Altunyan confesses that he manages to fulfill a lot due to his strict daily routine -- morning classes in Conservatory, at noon -- rehearsals with the orchestra, and the evening till late night are spent on creating.... Participant: Ruben Altunyan, RA National Artist, composer

Sargis Muradyan

The program is about the life and creative path of Sargis Muradyan, RA National Painter. The program also touches upon his public-political activity, his fight for independance. The participants are: Zara Muradyan, the daughter of the painter Anatoli Grigoryan, RA Honored Painter Zulum Grigoryan, RA National Painter

Rafayel Papayan

Rafayel Papayan -- reknown intellectual, public-political figure, poet, translator, was one of the pioneers of the fight for independence of Armenia. He was a Deputy in the first Parliament of Armenia, the author of the Law ''On the Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations''. He was also a member of the Armenian Constitutional Court and a member of the Supreme Council of the Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin. He is the author of a number of scientific books and articles.

Vigen Ghazaryan

Vigen Ghazaryan is a honored cultural worker of RA, medieval historian, corresponding member of the RA National Academy of Science. He is the author of a number of monographies ''Sargis Pitsak'', ''Commentary on Altar''. The art critic is also one of the four authors of the manual ''History of Armenian Art''. Vigen Ghazaryan thinks, that man of art and scientist live a life of hermit, the will can even guide the fate, and endurance saves...