Portraits – Rouben Mamoulian, Henri Verneuil, Ara Vahuni, analysis of old and new films, meetings with filmmakers visiting Armenia – Emir Kusturica, Roman Balayan, reflections on film festivals held in Yerevan, namely “Golden Apricot”, “It’s Me”…
Men of the world of films present interesting stories, known and unknown films off-screen.
Frequency: Friday, at 22:20
Rerun: Saturday, at 12:40

Hrant Matevosyan

“We and Our Mountains”, “Autumn Leaf”, “The Master”, “This Green, Red World” rank among the best films of Hay Film. Hrant Matevosyan stepped into Hay Film with great difficulty. His signature was not accepted all at one in cinematography. 
How was in real life and offscree are communicated by Davit Matevosyan, Aneta Yerznkyan, Lida Gevorgyan, Mayranush Grigoryan.

Frunze Dovlatyan

In the 1960-ies, the world came to know the Armenian film anew through the film “Hellow, This is Me” of Frunze Dovlatyan. His films “Saroyan Brothers”, “Delivery”, “Live Long”, “Solitary Walnut-Tree”, “Longing”, and “Chronicles of Yerevan Days” still bear their modernity. Frunze Dovlatyan is presented on- and offscreen.


Edmond Keosayan

“I am an irreparable optimist, and my films reflect it: the planet is small so the good should always win”, - says Edmond Keosayan. His films are notorious and loved. Actress Laura Gevorgyan and film critic Robert Matosyan tell us how the movies “The Elusive Avengers”, “When September Comes”, “The Men” and others were produced.

Galya Novents

It is with inner warmth and love that the friends of Galya Novents – Hrachya Gasparyan, Albert Mkrtchyan and Sergey Arakelyan remember offscreen how she’d never been obssessed with receiving a role, how silent and patient she was in real life. 

Ruben Gevorgyants

Film director Ruben Gevorgyants can’t imagine his life without film, humor and friends. And his friends can’t imagine Ruben Gevorgyants is already 70 years old. In the day of our filming, he was together with his friends under one roof and the years seemed to be retreating...

Amazing Frunz

“Tango of Our Childhood”, “The Song of Old Days”, “We and Our Mountains”, “Father” and many other films became so dear to us through our favorite actor. Mher Mkrtchyan, our dear Frunz, lived a difficult and amazing life. The roles he played were lively, direct and talented and couldn’t leave anyone unmoved. You cannot speak about Frunz without joy, sadness and affection...

Vrezh Petrosyan

“I believe in fate, because it was with great difficulty and in an older age that I was able to break through the doors of cinematography”, says Merited Artist, film director and operator Vrezh Petrosyan. 
The documentaries “Never-Еnding Class Break”, “Mission to Live” turned to be crucial in his life. Thoughts on the road he passed, auteurist, new cinematographical thinking expressed by Vrezh Petrosyan presented offscreen. 


Hrant Hakobyan

Documentarian Hrant Hakobyan is the author of some thirty films: “Monte”, “Armenia - My Homeland”, “Inhabitants of Forgotten Islands”, “Hrant Dink” etc. The core of his films is man with all its expressions. The film director thinks that if he had to start his life again, he would definitely pass through the same path of documentarian. 

Ruben Hovsepyan

Ruben Hovsepyan, the script writer of the films “Winepress”, “Nostalgia”, “The Apple Garden”, “April”, entered the world of cinematography in an unexpected way, which was a turning point in his life. To the writer, these were the best years of HayFilm, when the cinematography was directly linked to literature. “There is this saying, that if a film succeeds, it’s due to the director, if it fails, then it’s the scrip writer’s fault”. 
Ruben Hovsepyan, RA Merited Artist, script writer, is offscreen sharing his memories. 


Dzori Miro

Film director Zhirayr Avetisyan shoot the movie Dzori Miro in 1979-1980. For the first time, the fedayis were openly exposed on the big screen. “The mere fact of shoot a film on this topic especially in Soviet times, was already a heroism. We became one fist and achieved our goal”, remembers Sos Sargsyan. 
The crew members present in details what difficulties were overcome, what creative arguments and disagreements went the film through. 


Robert Amirkhanyan

He authored the music for the films “Men”, “Father”, “Winepress” and other films we loved so much. Presently he yearningly remembers his senior friends in cinematography. 
RA National Artist, Composer Robert Amirkhanyan is hosted offscreen. 


Harutyun Khachatryan

“I am moved by people, moved by the small city, the planet, the universe, everything around me. And I succeed in sharing my concerns and move other people, and then the road I pass is not vain. Cinmatography is my sole means of self-expression”. 
Filmmaker Harutyun Khachatryan hosted offscreen.