A Christian is commanded by the Gospel to confirm his/her faith through deeds. In the Middle Ages, anyone making a donation to the Church could expect the Church to pray for the salvation of their soul several times a year. Even nowadays, the names of many Armenian benefactors can be found in the records preserved on the churches. Some of the names did not get to us either on their own wish or simply due to circumstances.
Who are the benefactors of the Church today and what do they expect for their deeds? The “Life of Faith” presents the topic. 

Gevorg Barseghyan

“When I got sick, for a moment I was offended from God. My mother gave me one important councel… And when I was attending the renovation of our church, even the doctors would get surprised at the stabilization of my health. I know where my strength comes from…”
Gevorg Barseghyan from Martuni considers that what happened to him to be a miracle. 



Our heroes are the residents of Nigavan village – a teacher, a benefactor, a pupil, and a priest. They tell about their village and the only church of their village St. Stepanos (Stephen). 
The village was established by immigrant Armenians and constructed the church through fund raising. 
The church was destroyed during the Soviet years and was in the danger of complete destruction. 
From 2000, the renovation of the church was assumed by the village resident Varuzhan Adamyan. For around 15 years of works St. Stepanos was fully renovated. The church is always crowded, especially with children. The children believe in the miraculous power of the church and tell different stories about it. 


St. Sargis Church of Ushi

The very first St. Sargis Church built on the relics of St. Sargis is the fifth monastery complex founded in Armenia in 5th century. It is located in the village Ushi of Aragatsotn Diocese. The monastery was discovered in the result of excavations under 5 meters thick layer of earth. It’s been 10 years since both Armenian pilgrims, as well as foreign tourists visit the complex, however, it can be seen only in summer, moreover, on non-rainy days. Otherwise, the road is impassable. St. Sargis is destroyed and so far all attempts of renovation have fallen asunder. What do the archeologists and historians suggest? 
Ashot Piliposyan, archeologist
Margar Sharapkhanyan, benefactor
Frina Babayan, archeologist
Artsruni Sahakyan, historian,
Father Yeprem Zargaryan, Pastor of Ohanavan, Ushi and Karbi 
Nairi Gevorgyan, Administrator of Ushi Secondary School 


Holy Mother of God Monastery of Tegher

Numerous miracles are told about Tegher Monastery. Especially many couples, who don’t have children, come here for pilgrimage. Up untill recently, the 12th century Church Complex century was destroyed and not functioning. Owing to the benefactors, today the Monastery doors are once again open. They tell the story themselves – Mikayel Mikayelyan, Lyova Khachatryan, Samvel Khachatryan, Mikayel Ghazaryan, Khachik Hovhannisyan, Armen Maghakyan and administrator of the Monastery – Deacon Arman Aharonyan.



The Armenians of Saint Petersburg say, that “People tell about Agarak in such a way, that one might think it to be the capital”. After the construction of Holy Mother of God Church, life in Agarak changed completely. The benefactor is Hrachya Poghosyan from Agarak, who is a businessman in Saint Petersburg, reserve major.
“The village should have a Church, a school and a monument dedicated to the memory of war victims”, - says the benefactor. All three were built in Agarak in his own initiative.



St. Mesrop Mashtots Church of Oshakan is located in the Diocese of Aragatsotn.
Over the last years, the renovation of Church facilities in the Diocese has gained large impetus.
The renovations are implemented with the efforts of benefactors.
The program presents the meeting of the Church with her benefactor.
Gagik Karapetyan, benefactor
Rubik Hayrapetyan, benefactor
Arsen Piloyan, benefactor
Tiruhi Avagyan, benefactor
Garegin Amatuni, benefactor



Within the last two-three years, extensive renovation and decoration activities were going on in the Churches of Aragatsotn Diocese. Hovhannavank Monastery is among those Churches. The Diocese is divided into Pastorates and each of them has a benefactor working for it.
The program presents the story on ''meeting'' of the Church with the benefactor, unfolding the link between the past and present in each of their lives.
Hovhannes Yesayan, benefactor
David Sahakyan, benefactor
Mikhail Baghdasarov, benefactor
Father Yeprem Zargaryan, Pastor of Ohanavan, Ushi and Karbi