Rev. Fr. Abraham Martirosyan

"The service of a village priest is different from that of a city servant. The village pastor is in front of everyone's eyes. He must know all the residents, know their concerns and participate in the joys." The program "My Pastor" hosted Rev. Fr. Abraham Martirosyan, Spiritual Pastor of the Holy Mother of God Church in Dashtavan village of Masis region.




Christmas and New Year of Rev. Fr. Nerses Rushanyan's large family

New Year and Holy Nativity in the large family of Rev. Fr. Nerses Rushanyan, Spiritual Pastor of the Artimet village. 


Rev. Fr. Pargev Palgevorgyan

This time the program "My Pastor" was hosted in Mrgavan village, Spiritual Pastor of the St. Hakob Church, Rev. Fr. Pargev Palgevorgyan's family. The Spiritual Pastor moved from Syria to Armenia.



Rev. Fr. Ghazar Torosyan

We left for the Marmarashen village and were hosted Rev. Fr.  Ghazar Torosyan, spiritual pastor of St. Gevorg Church.



Rev. Fr. Artak Simonyan

Our film crew hosted Rev. Fr. Artak Simonyan, Spiritual Pastor of the Holy Mother of God Church in Holy Etchmiadzin.


Rev. Fr. Mkhitar Aloyan

The film crew of the program "My Shepherd" hosted Rev. Fr. Mkhitar Aloyan, Siritual Pastor of St. Hovhannes Church in Mkhchyan,




Father Nerses Rushanyan

“A priest is a crown-wearing, anointed clergyman, but he must be surrounded by the trust, love and faith of believers”. 
The TV program series “My Pastor” was hosted by the pastor of St. Astvatsatsin Church of Artimed village Father Nerses Rushanyan.


Father Hovakim Harutyunyan

"Communion is the fourth of the seven sacraments of the Church, which has been established by Jesus during the Last Supper." What role does the sacrament of communion play in the life of an individual and the community? Father Hovakim Harutyunyan, spiritual pastor of the Vedi Holy Mother of God Church speaks about it.

Father Shavarsh Simonyan

"Prayer is the only way to happiness. Where there is prayer, there the church breathes and lives. " Our film crew left for Dilijan, and was hosted by the local spiritual pastor Father Shavarsh Simonyan.

Christmas: Father Mikayel Nurijanyan, Father Shavarsh Simonyan

The birth of Christ became a new beginning for the salvation of humanity, good news of hope, faith, light, truth, reconciliation and peace. The TV program “My Pastor” hosted Father Mikayel Nurijanyan and Father Shavarsh Simonyan.


Father Mikayel Nurijanyan

“Every priest should pass through the four stairs – repentance, remission of sins, conversion and communion. We should walk towards God in a life worthy of a Christian.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Mikayel Nurijanyan. 


Father Norayr Baghdasaryan

“Every priest has the gift of healing. However, it’s utterly important that the patient has faith.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Norayr Baghdasaryan.