After the renovation with the support of Berge and Vera Setrakian, the Old Pontifical Residence constructed during the reign of Catholicos Ghazar Jahketsi was reopened within thins week. Before 1962, this building was a house to the Armenian Catholicoses. 
During the week of July 3-9 were the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in Byuravan community, Ararat Marz, and Holy Martyrs Churche in Teghenik Village of Kotayk Marz consecrated. 


July 10-16

This week’s Church life was celebrated with the blessing of the grounds of Ceremony Hall situated next to Gevorkian Theological Seminary. Presently, this Hall is used to hold various conferences, events, meetings and gatherings. 
Hrach and Suzanne Toufayan’s Charity Canteen of Etchmiadzin Youth Center was opened during this week of 10-16 July. 


July 17-23

On July 17, 2007, American-Armenian philanthropists Alex and Marie Manoogian were reburied in the backyard of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The charity and the role of the couple in the life of the Armenian people and the Armenian Church are exceptional.
Over different years, during this week, St. Harutyun Church of Armaghan village in Gegharkunik Marz and St. Prkich (Holy Saviour) of Charentsavan town, Kotayk Marz were consecrated. 


June 19-25

In 2016, the whole world had its eye on our country. Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin hosted Pope Francis. His three-day visit was replete with events; the Pope attended a number of sacramental ceremonies. 
The episcopal ordination of His Holinesses Bagrat and Vasken had also been held during this week. 

June 12-18

It was within this week that Karekin II Catholicosof All Armenians re-consecrated Holy Etchmiadzin Church built in 1846. On the same day the Cultural Center Hayartun – erected next door to the Church, opened its doors.
The week of June12-18 was also distinguished with the historical visit of His Holiness made to Javakhk. Last Khrimyan Hayrik paid Pontiffical visit to Javakhk around 100 years ago. 


June 26-July 2

On June 30, 2007 Vanatun of the Mother See was opened under the presidency of Karekin II Patriarch. The building was entirely renovated through the support of American Armenian philanthropist James Kalustian. The construction hosts Church delegations visiting the Mother See, Armenian and foreign high-ranking priests, guests.
During theses days over various years the Patriarch paid pontifical visits to St. Petersburg and Riga. 


June 5-11

One of the most noteworthy events that took place during the week of June 5-11 over various years was the blessing of the grounds of Holy Trinity Church constructed in one of the densely populated district South-Western. Presently the Church has significantly altered the community life. 
We have also singled out the Georgian visit of the Armenian Pontiff, which helped solving specific issues for our Church. 


March 27-April 2

In the diary of March 27 to April 2 we address the cooperation between the Christian Education Center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and Dasaran.am, the mission of Beirut “Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin” and other memorable events.  

April 17-23

April 23 of 2015 opened a new page in the Armenian history: our church canonized the martyrs of Armenian Genocide and restored the canonization process suspended for centuries. 1200 invitations were sent to various corners of the world, 35 high-ranking priests of Christian Churches and delegations of ecclesiastical organizations arrived to attend the ceremony.  

March 13-19

The week of March 13-19 of various years was marked with events related to development of church relations. Kirill I, Patriarch of All Russians visited Armenia, the delegation headed by Catholicos of All Armenians left for Vatican, gifts were presented in the Mother See. 

April 24-30

What were the reflections on the historical event held in April 23, 2015 – canonization of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide? What investment did the Armenian Apostolic Church have in the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide? 

March 20-26

The period between March 20 and 26 in various years falls on the Great Lent. 
The Great Lent is a road to repentence, remorse and conversion towars God. The Church week is not replete with active events over this period, instead the Great Lent with its golden chain of 6 Sundays becomes a period of self-reflection, renewal, preparation and guidance of a believer towards the glorious feast of the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.