Doctors of "Izmirlian" left for the front

Within hours of the Azeri aggression, 21 doctors and medical workers from the "Izmirlian" Medical Center were already on the border. The doctors who arrived in Goris, Vardenis and Stepanakert immediately started their mission.




The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert

Arsine – Look, how tortured is Jesus from the heat, and he didn’t eat anything for forty days…
Misak – Yes, but still he won’t betray the God and believe in the promises of Satan, will be? 
Arsine – No way. The Satan is too far from faith.


Story of Zaccheus

Girl – See, Jesus says: Zaccheus, quick, get down, I must spend the night at your house. 
Boy – But there are so many other good and honest people around, why does Jesus go just to his house? It’s not fair!
Girl – Yes, even people don’t quite approve it. But don’t rush, let’s see what will happen next.


Good News

Girl – Look, that’s Archangel Gabriel!
Boy – The one bringing the good news? 
Girl – Yes, that’s what it has come down. To tell about the special plan of God. 
Boy – The most special, important and main one?   
Girl – Yes, the most-most….


The Sermon of Mount: “Thy Kingdom Come” (Matth. 6:10, Luke 11:2)

“Thy Kingdom Come”: Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian continues providing explanations on the passage. 

On January 27 is the Feast of St. Sarkis the Captain

On January 27 our Church will mark the Feast of St. Sarkis the Captain. The feast is particularly popular among the youth: they consider it to be their own celebration. 

Jonah in the Belly of a Fish

Girl: Jonah tells everything; he says that the storm was because of him and the sailors will throw him away into the sea. 
Boy: But they aren’t going to throw him into the sea, are they? 
Girl: They did it!
Boy: Oh, I don’t believe it! Is he drowning? 
Girl: I don’t remember, let’s watch…