The village of Tsapatagh, located on the eastern shore of Lake Sevan, is of strategic importance for Armenia. The village is located directly on the bank of Sevan. It has developed tourist infrastructures: hotels and guesthouses.



After the ethnic cleansing of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, Tegh village of Syunik region became border. A part of the pastures and arable lands of the village came under the control of the enemy. The Azerbaijani positions appeared directly on the hills next to the village, the inhabitants were directly in their target.


The ancient khachkars, churches and ancient sites found in this village on the shore of Lake Sevan testify to the historical and important importance of the region. Next to the village is the "Port Ayas" resort, where the Cilicia ship is docked.


The village of Karmrashen in Vayots Dzor region was almost in the central part of Armenia before the 44-day war in 2020. After the occupation of Karvachar by Azerbaijan, the sounds of gunfire heard nearby suggest that the village is already on the border.


Bardzruni is the southernmost village of Vayots Dzor, bordering Nakhichevan. The 7th century khachkars and half-destroyed structures found in the village testify to the rich cultural past of this ancient settlement.