Spiritual Servant Dn. Ishkhan Gevorgyan

During the 44-day war period, the spiritual servants of the Armenian Church were among the soldiers and commanders.

The war is over, but the service of the spiritual servants continues. Our film crew visited Sisian and met Deacon Ishkhan Gevorgyan.


EV Consulting

Manuk Hergnyan, an economist who founded a business consulting company, tells what brings him and his team to do daily hard mental work and to enjoy it.


The Power of Work

Hakob Pazarchyan, a machinist who returned to Armenia during the Syrian war, set up his own business despite the difficulties. He is convinced of the truth he has heard from the elders that "to want is to be able".



ARMA Dance Academy

Entrepreneurial work in the field of education requires delicate knowledge and attitude. Tigran Mnatsakanyan and Arshavir Muradyan, the founders of the private dance school, are well known about this.




"Artsocks" and "You and Me" brands, which are united in the "Helotex" company, they are a well-established business in the textile industry of Armenia today. Founder Artyom Kamalyan doesn't consider his path easy, the belief in success is formed by years of trials: "Life is a struggle, be it in terms of business, family or homeland.  If we do not agree to lose, we will win".

Baghramyan 26

A young businessman from the border village of Voskepar is making a signboard with his friend.  He will hang it on the first floor of his house- on the wall that turned into a guest house.  "Tatul, are you going to live at 26 Baghramyan Street?", the neighbors are asking. "Not know, in spring, after opening my guesthouse," Tatul answers.



Hamlet Manukyan, founder of Voznisoft, shares his experience of becoming a private entrepreneur from a programmer and implementing his own ideas in the IT field. 

My Dream

"My Dream" Development Center was the dream of pedagogues Narine Lobyan and Mary Hunanyan.  Along with teaching, they have made a determined decision to set up their own private educational institution, and today they are developing successfully. 

Unheard voices

Young ethnographers conducted this study for publishing a scientific collection. They recorded an alternative story - the memories of common people. We were following them. “Unheard voices” would sometimes turn to camera, sometimes prefer to stay anonymous.

Buildings of Mother Cathedral

The camera is following Father Ararat Poghosyan walking in the territory of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. He is showing the historical and newly constructed buildings within the territory of the Mother Cathedral. 
A wonderful video guide for those who are familiar with, but hadn’t been there for a while, or have no idea as to why is Holy Etchmiadzin considered to be an open-air museum.


Realization of Independence: The Glance of Youth: part 5

How does the youth see its chances to live in a sovereign country? The generation formed in the conditions of independence shares its views and opinions of independence. Writer, curator Seda Shekoyan and writer Aram Pachyan discuss the topic. The conversation is hosted by Anna Sargsyan.

Realization of Independence: Church

The issue of independence and autonomy didn’t circumvent the church over the centuries. What is independence for the church, why did the Armenian Church fight for its independence? The topic is discussed by Rev. Fr. Shahe Ananyan, the Director of the Inter-Church Relations Department of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and Doctor of Historical Sciences Vahe Torosyan. 
The conversation is hosted by Anna Sargsyan.