How to get a decorative state?

Amendment of the RA Constitution, review of state symbols, review of the past, reduction of the role of national structures, etc. What do these theses put on the Armenian political agenda have to do with the security of the state and the desired peace? What is the real demand presented to Armenia by Azerbaijan and Turkey? How does Armenia react to that demand? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with political commentator Hakob Badalyan.

Public resistance: a pillar of security

The region is in full swing, the realignment of forces is proceeding with rather harsh conflicts. We have been establishing a peace agenda for more than 3 years, the leaderships of Armenia and Azerbaijan are reaching agreements regarding the handover of the territories of the Armenian villages of Tavush. The low level of public resistance is puzzling. Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic of security with Orientalist Artyom Tonoyan.

The people and the rulers

After the 44-day war, the society cannot find itself again. The defeat, the concessionary policy of the government, the lack of resistance has led to public apathy. Society has lost faith in its resources, as a result of which the consequences of defeat are more devastating. When you lose faith, you are already defeated. How to stand up and overcome the psychology of the loser, how to overcome the division? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with psychologist Davit Hayrapetyan.

Bare diplomacy

The country has found itself in a zone of complex turbulence of national, state, legitimacy and political identity. The range of these political topics is so wide and diverse that it seems that the establishment is specially involving the public in this constant conversation. This is such a dangerous process that the result may be the Republic of Armenia, but not an Armenian state. How to stand up and march under your own banner? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ruben Karapetyan.


An ongoing feat

In October 2022, the Armenian island of St. Lazarus in Venicehosted about 200 people who appreciate humanitarian values from different countries of the world to talk together about humanitarianism in a broken world and to thank all the unknown and famous brave people working in the world. The film tells the story of 2022. About the awarding of the "Aurora" Humanitarian Award. The participants are: Co-founders of "Aurora" Ruben Vardanyan and Nubar Afeyan, Chairman of the Creative Council Marine Ales, Patriarchal Delegate of Western Europe Khajak Parsamyan, members of the selection committee for the "Aurora" Award, Director of the Center for Globalization Studies of Yale University, former President of Mexico Ernesto Cedillo, Pulitzer Prize winner laureate Dele Olojede, former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and 2019 "Aurora" award winner Mirza Dina.


Artsakh- Hakobavank Monastery

Surb Hakobavank from Metsaran is in the Martakert region of the Republic of Artsakh. In the 13th century, Hakobavank was a famous place of pilgrimage and seat of the Eastern Armenians, Artsakh and Utik. The relic of the pan-Christian saint Hakob Mtsbna was kept here. Saint Hakobavank Monastery from Metsaran is under the jurisdiction of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. After the Artsakh war of 2020, a pan-Armenian fund-raising was started for the repair of the monastery.

Whose side is the right?

As a result of external aggression in 2020 and after, many RA citizens were deprived of their right to life and property. To what extent is the Republic of Armenia responsible for this? What is national or collective law, how is it recognized at the international level?  Is the right of self-determination of Artsakh Armenians superior?  Taron Simonyan, candidate of legal sciences, is at the "Third Millennium" pavillion. Anna Sargsyan conducts the conversation.

Breengy-Share the Road

Simultaneous car (попутная машина) in the 21st century. Marat Hakobjanyan created the "Breengy" startup with his friends in Stepanakert. If you are a driver or a passenger, with the help of the application you can find a travel partner, share travel expenses, make new friends and travel to the desired destination at a convenient day and time.

Renovation of the Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin

The project for the renovation and strengthening of the Mother Cathedral in 2013 is being agreed with UNESCO. The fresco restoration research center is beginning to study the temple frescoes.  In 2017  the construction work begins in the summer. In the film shot at the end of 2021, the head of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the chief architect of the Mother See, and the author of the fresco restoration project represent the process of repairing the Holy Etchmiadzin, surprises, completed and expected works.

Anonymous Height. An episode of the 44-day war

The separate episodes of the 44-day Artsakh war are not studied that much. We know the territories of the Artsakh Republic occupied by Azerbaijan, handed over by the November 9 declaration, the names of the boys who died or were wounded during the war. We do not know who they are, where, how they fought, what problems they performed, what decisions they made on the spot.  The documentary "Anonymous Height" examines in detail and reveals one episode of the 44-day war, the capture of the hill called Anonymous Height in the south of Artsakh. We present a part of a full-length film.

Amaras-the Border Church

It is the spring of 2021, we are in Artsakh. The war of 2020 is over, but life is no longer as before! The war changed positions.  Russian peacekeepers, Armenian army positions and the walls of Amaras stand on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Martuni region. We are greeted by the abbot of the day.

Armenia in the interests of geopolitical centers

After the visits of the President of the European Council Charles Michel to Yerevan and then to Baku, a half-hearted, half-ironic thought was voiced in the public discourse: "Armenia is between Lavrov and Michel." Where is Armenia in real?  Iranian scholar Vardan Voskanyan and American scholar Suren Sargsyan are discussing. The conversation is conducted by Anna Sargsyan.