Ceramics Class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center

We met 12 year old Macedon in the Ceramics class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center. Then it turned out that he was a judo master. Before he chooses his future profession, Macedon tries to find similarities between ceramics and...judo.


Folk Song and Dance Class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center

“When the song starts, we entirely submerse into the song and forget who have we been before that”. The students of Folk Song and Dance Class of Nor Nork Youth Center are frank in front of our cameras.


Chamber Class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center

Violin player Jani moved to Armenia from Syria three years ago. Here she met her teacher Parandzem Melikyan and friend Mary. Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center is a home so dear, open and warm to them...

Davit Gyurjinyan

In front of our camera, linguist Davit Gyurjinyan medidates over life, spiritual values, national education, careful attitude towards language. 


Davit Hakobyan

Actor, director Davit Hakobyan meditates over the topics of memorable spots of his own path, our national spiritual structure, human happiness etc. The program features episodes from the plays of the director “Life Outside of the Box”, “Anush”, “Davit of Sasun”. 


Carpet Weaving Class of Arabkir Armenian Church Youth Center

You tie the knots, cut the threads and tell your story…
In Arabkir Armenian Church Youth Center children not only learn how to weave carpets, but also reveal the secrets of Armenian carpet weaving through Armenian four-line rhymed poems (Khaghik) and folk songs. 


Vrezh Petrosyan

Cameraman Vrezh Petrosyan devoted all his conscious life to the job he loves most. He traveled around the world with his camera, he was in Western Armenia and Armenian communities of Diaspora, and presented the Armenian with the language of cadre. Vrezh Petrosyan shares his imressions in front of our camera, meditates over patriotism and happiness.


Кarate Class of Arabkir Armenian Church Youth Center

“If you wish to get black belt, if you want to overcome your fears and complexes, if you want to have good frients, then you should come to Arabkir Armenian Church Youth Center”, - say here, the boys and girls attending karate classes.


Aeromodelling Class of Malatya Armenian Church Youth Center

If you wish to feel the freedom of flight, then you should make your own airplane and have it fly. If you want to assemble an airplane, then you should patiently and closely estimate every single part and attach one to another. Youngsters disclose the secrets and joy of flight in the Aeromodelling class of Malatya Armenian Church Youth Center.


Theatre Studio of Malatya Armenian Church Youth Center

Every novice in Malatya Youth Center’s Theatre studio receives his/her role, goes up the stage and… falls in love with the theatre. The studio has a 20 years’ history. Here the most important is to be free and at ease and presenting one’s own story to the audience through their role.




Ovsanna dreams about coloring Yerevan. She dreams about creating her own opera, flying her kyte… She also wishes to swim like a fish and see the underwaters. 
She came to Arabkir Youth Center when she was six and she selected the classes of painting, dance. Later on, she entered Kantegh Choior and she still thinks of more groups… 



Nork Youth Center Percussion Instruments Class

One, two, three, four… dhol, drums, cymbals, tombak (zarb). If you learn by counting, then you’re sure to learn playing all percussion instruments in a very short time. It’s just there are numerous options of counting to four, then you have to come to the class on time, do physical exercises, listen to your friends and masters very closely, and, oh, yes, in the beginning you might get bruises in your palms and your ears might ache because of unusual noise. That’s it, no other problems. As for the advantages and pleasure, you can’t even list them. You should see and listen to it!