Emile Lahoud - the Armenian President of Lebanon

He was named the Armenian President of Lebanon: Emile Lahoud ruled the country for almost 10 years and never hid his Armenian roots, he was even proud of it, although he is half-Armenian. The former President was born in the family of General Jamil Lahoud and Armenian  Andrenee Karabajakian. 

Brotherly Love

Who is the brother-loving person, what value system do s/he have, what sacrifices is s/he ready to make for the sake of a friend? The soldiers protecting the borderlines of the Motherland, their officers and the Chaplain talk about the love towards brother, friend. 

The members of the Pan-Armenian Church Youth Organization had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan

Nikol Pashinyan together with the Supreme Patriarch joined the farewell dinner of the Pan-Armenian Church Youth Organization. 

The Union of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin celebrated 58th anniversary of its establishment

On April 29, The Union of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin celebrated 58th anniversary of its establishment. The Members of the Union established in 1959 in Lebanon are Armenian women from Beirut. With the efforts of these women, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin received the supply of vestments for the clergy. Լիբանանից են ուղարկվում եկեղեցական ծիսակատարությունների ժամանակ գործածվող իրեր ու գործվածքեղեն`սկիհներ, ասեղնագործ թաշկինակներ, շապիկներ, շուրջառներ: Armenian mothers of Beirut also send the necessary fabric for sowing the garments of seminarians. 

Nemra Rock Band

The idea to get together as a rock band was Van’s and Vaspur’s. Later they were joined by Marek and Marianna. They tell the rest of the story. 

Historical-Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Metsamor”

The Historical-Archaeological Museum “Metsamor” was constructed in 1968. All the exhibits displayed here feature specific cultural layers of diverse eras. They were all without exceptions unearthed in this territory. More than 27 000 artifacts were discovered during the excavations of over half century, yet the name of the settlements is still unknown. 

House-Museum of Perch Proshyan

In May 1948, the house of famous writer Perch Proshyan’s father in Ashtarak city became a museum. Every visitor reveals the writer, translator, photographer Prochyan in its own unique manner. His study room, guest room and many other personal belongings and archival items have been preserved.


Hovsep I Hoghotsmetsi – part 2

Did the Armenian clergy in Tizbon (Ctesiphon), and namely Catholicos Hovsep Hoghomtsetsi, know that the apostasy of Armenian ministers was fake? Artak Gnuni continues presenting the history of the reign of 5th century Catholicos Hovsep Hoghomtsetsi. 

Hovsep I Hoghotsmetsi – part 1

5th century: the Teacher was getting older and he was in need of a young and literate assistant. The choice of St. Mesrop was Hovsep. He remained in the history as Catholicos Hovset I Hoghomtsetsi. 

Ara Shiraz

"The Master of the Portrait Sculptor": this is how art critics describe one of the brightest phenomena of the 20th century Armenian fine arts - Ara Shiraz. Our program is about his innovative ideas, creation cycles and interesting episodes of his biography.

Vice-chairwoman of the Union of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin in Beirut hosted in the Mother See

The Union of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin established in Beirut in 1959 was the first to establish ties with the Holy Etchmiadzin, and now it's been over a half century they cooperate with support program the Mother See. On the Feast of Easter, the Vice-chairwoman of the Union Anahid Dandzigian was in Armenia.

Wikimedia Armenia

"Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization has united volunteers of different ages and professions, who did not spare efforts to write articles in Armenian, edit mistakes and misspellings. Thanks to them, Armenian Wikipedia has become one of the full members of the world's largest family, the 34th edition of the articles.