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"Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization has united volunteers of different ages and professions, who did not spare efforts to write articles in Armenian, edit mistakes and misspellings. Thanks to them, Armenian Wikipedia has become one of the full members of the world's largest family, the 34th edition of the articles.

“Caffeine Brew Lab, Dilijan”

Mariam Sinanyan and Ani Harutyunyan made a decision to create a new entertainment culture in the region. They move to Dilijan and open an alternative café, "Caffeine Brew Lab", making alternative coffee. The food is from local producers and offers healthy food to visitors. During the Soviet year, there used to be grocery store in that place, and the girls did not change the interior - it's a common place for the locals, for the tourists - attractive.
Entrepreneurship in Dilijan is risky. But the girls are constantly looking for new ways ...


Taking Care of Cats

There is a cat shelter in Kanakeravan village. The shelter has been rented by Hasmik and Diana. They themselves take care of homeless cats with their own resources. The number of cats is going up, while the shelter is really tiny…

Dilijan Community Center

“Hello dear radio listeneres. Dili Radio broadcasts the program “News from Dilijan”…”
Our crew visited Dilijan Community Center.



The members of group “Bicycle +” represent differ age groups and professions, who are united by the love for nature, motherland and biking. The do environmental actions through bicycle tours to draw attention upon ecological issues. This time they are in Trchkan.

Young Journalists’ Online Club

Due to Young Journalists’ Online Club, young people in remote Marzes of Armenia have obtained skills to speak out and solve their issues. It turns out, that through online civic journalis, one can go out to a bigger world, solve a number of environmental, educational issues, acquire new friends and come to know you and the world.


Gor Baghdasaryan

Gor Baghdasaryan shoot his first film when he was 12. Since then, Gor finds solution to many issues with the help of films. His goal is not only to shoot a good film, but also to support people with them. Together with his brother, Mushegh Baghdasaryan, he established Manana Films Production. Gor is proud to have their company operating in Armenia and he believes that film production has prospects in Armenia.


“Dingo” Team

Ovsanna believes that her mission is to advocate for the rights of animals. She has established animal lovers “Dingo” Team to organize adoption of street animals, medical treatment of sick dogs etc. This voluntary work brings happiness to Ovsanna, any positive change is the biggest success of the activity she initiated.


Karen Derdzyan

The hero of our program is Karen Derdzyan, eco-businessman. Eco Pub is the first place in Armenia where smoking is forbidden and ecologically clean food and beverages are served. Before opening the Eco Pub, Karen was importing ecologically clean lighting systems. Apart from being an eco-businessman, Karen is also a big fan of audio books. He established the company "Audio Book" in Armenia as a result of the lack of quality audio books. At present, owing to this company, the "Fire in the Refinery" by Shirvanzade, "Our Xenomania" by Hakob Paronyan and other literature are available.

Teresa and Artur

The heroes of "CUA" are 2 young people -- Teresa and Artur. Teresa is an ergotherapist, helping people with disabilities. Her profession is actually not so known in Armenia. "It there was no internet, I would take a poster, write on it with big letters: 'Ergotherapy DOES exist' and walk around the city", - says Teresa.
Artur is a resident of Nor Geghi village. Owing to his efforts, the village now has night lighting, new kindergarten and a play-ground.



''Youth must pave its road itself '', is absolutely sure Mushegh Hovsepyan, the hero of our program.
His wish is to help people with disabilities. Within the scope of the program "Yerevan is My City, too", he produced a photo-series using it as means to speak out the issue of accessible transport for the people with disabilities.
"I do not think that we should fight for our rights only. They are our friends, our partners, and their problems are as much ours".