Share your road and ease the traffic

The "Share Your Road and Ease the Traffic" initiative unites volunteer drivers, self-organized passengers and facilitates traffic through the Facebook social platform. How: presented by the authors of the initiative.




Mosaics with corks

In Gyumri, young people collect plastic bottle corks and make mosaics from them.



Travel by Hitch Hiking

Hitch hiking has a ecological and social implications: it develops the sense of helping each other without seeking any benefit among people. This is what Ani thinks. She travels by hitch hiking for 5 years, she even got as far as Mediterranean Sea. Ani travels with her friends, and 9 year old son, loving and feeling the nature, and spreading that love for nature.


At Centaur Center, people and animals help each other and overcome their health and psychological problems together. There are horses, dogs and cats living here. The therapists and their staff work on voluntary basis. This center in Ushi is the first and only animal-assisted therapy facility in Armenia.

Teaching in Dzoragyugh

Narek and Samvel teach geography and physics in Dzoragyugh, Lori Marz. For years, there have been no subject in the school. The boys also hold extracurricular classes of astronomy, robotics, Turkish and theatre. They are in Dzoragyugh within the scope of "Teach for Armenia" program.

“My Spinning Top” and “Teimortak”

The forgotten games “My Spinning Top” and “Teimortak” came into life in online platform. The co-founders of the projects Gagik Mkhitaryan and Arsen Vardanyan present the projects. 

“Driver’s Friend”

It’s been a few years since our drivers have civil defendors: the NGO “Driver’s Friend” studies and examines every single complaint they receive from citizens. If the driver is convinced that the penalty is precarious, the organization helps them to write legally accurate claim, appeal and protect their rights. Knowledgeable experts quickly react to any changes introduced in traffic and inform citizens via different communication channels to ensure safe traffic. 

“Havesin Senyak (Cool Room)”

“Havesin Senyak” of the borderland Vazashen village is only place of entertainment for children. Mariam, the only teacher of the Center, gives free classes of painting, handicraft to the children a couple of times in the week after their classes. The Center does not have a funding. A group of artists support them in certain issues. 

Wikimedia Armenia

"Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization has united volunteers of different ages and professions, who did not spare efforts to write articles in Armenian, edit mistakes and misspellings. Thanks to them, Armenian Wikipedia has become one of the full members of the world's largest family, the 34th edition of the articles.

“Caffeine Brew Lab, Dilijan”

Mariam Sinanyan and Ani Harutyunyan made a decision to create a new entertainment culture in the region. They move to Dilijan and open an alternative café, "Caffeine Brew Lab", making alternative coffee. The food is from local producers and offers healthy food to visitors. During the Soviet year, there used to be grocery store in that place, and the girls did not change the interior - it's a common place for the locals, for the tourists - attractive.
Entrepreneurship in Dilijan is risky. But the girls are constantly looking for new ways ...


Taking Care of Cats

There is a cat shelter in Kanakeravan village. The shelter has been rented by Hasmik and Diana. They themselves take care of homeless cats with their own resources. The number of cats is going up, while the shelter is really tiny…

Dilijan Community Center

“Hello dear radio listeneres. Dili Radio broadcasts the program “News from Dilijan”…”
Our crew visited Dilijan Community Center.