The news coverage “Ecclesiastical Life” features Armenian Apostolic Churchactivities in the spheres of education, cultur, public, health and others. It also addresses Church Feasts, tells about public structures, youth movements, activities of District Youth Centers functioning adjacent to Dioceses. It also presents the ministry in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the life of an Armenian believer in congregation both in Armenia, as well as in foreign Dioceses.
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Ecclesiastical life 28.03.2024

The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
An open liturgy was served in the Saint Gayane Monastery
The Patriarch of All Armenians performed Washing of the Feet service at the Mother See

Ecclesiastical life 25.03.2024

The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
A Opening of the Doors service was held in the Saint Gayane Monastery
Palm Sunday was celebrated with great pomp in the churches of the Armenian Diocese of Georgia
An Armenian theological seminary was opened in Saint Petersburg
Holy Week, the commemoration of the last days of Christ's life, has begun

Ecclesiastical life 24.03.2024

The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem
Palm Sunday liturgy was celebrated in St. Gregory the Illuminator Church

Ecclesiastical life 22.03.2024

The topics of this edition of "Ecclesiastical Life" are:
His Holiness received the priests accelerated at the Mother See
An exhibition entitled "My home in Artsakh" was opened
The indifference of the international community regarding ethnic cleansing in Artsakh is unacceptable
On the day of people with Down syndrome, the band "Sun Bells" performed
In the Church of St. Anna, a Rest service and a dedication ceremony were held
The Armenian Apostolic Church will celebrate Palm Sunday

Ecclesiastical life 02.10.2023

Nationwide prayer in the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin. Nationwide prayer in Yerevan churches. Republican prayer in churches of Gugarak diocese. National prayer in the churches of Goris, Sisian, Kapan, Gyumri, Ohanavan, Armavir and Varagavank. Pan-European rallies against the genocidal actions of Azerbaijan. Clergymen's visit to the residents of Artsakh who took refuge in the residences of the Mother See. The meeting of the pilgrims of the Eastern and Western dioceses of the USA with the Patriarch of All Armenians.

Ecclesiastical life 30.09.2023

The feast of St. Gevorg the Warrior in Mughni. S. Gevorg's relic was taken to the churches of Masyatsotn diocese. The feast of Gevorg the Warrior in the Church of Saint Gevorg in Noragavit. Support of Masyatsotni Diocese to forcibly displaced Artsakh residents.

Prayer for the Republic on the occasion of the Independence Day of Armenia

Message of His Holiness Karekin II, on the occasion of the Independance day: September 21, 2023

“Dear pious people, Today we have come together under these sacred arches to offer a united prayer to God for the peace of our dear Homeland Armenia and Artsakh and the safe life of our people. We welcome the thirty-second anniversary of the restoration of independent Armenian statehood in great anxieties and worries and the pain of new losses. Our thoughts are directed to Artsakh, where after prolonged intimidation, repression and a total blockade of more than nine months, Azerbaijan has resumed large-scale military operations, continuing its genocidal policy with bloody crimes. Today, our people in Artsakh are facing dire existential threats. A hundred years later, under the eyes of the civilized world, our people are once again tasting the bitterness of the genocide. The Armenian pays with his life and blood for a free and independent life and national belonging again. We refuse to believe that the right to force continues to operate in the world of the twenty-first century, we refuse to believe that world leaders cannot find ways to prevent benevolence in Artsakh. We appeal to the international structures, the heads of friendly states to implement urgent and more effective measures to stop the genocidal actions of Azerbaijan. We appeal to the authorities of our country, national structures, political and public figures to make every effort to save Artsakh Armenians from new plagues. The divisiveness in our national life, the destructive indifference, the political tendencies, the inability to unite due to social polarization will deal new blows to our nation and our native statehood. We need unity to overcome trials and rise again, faithful patriotism to ensure the security and strengthening of the state, responsibility and high consciousness to protect our national and state interests and fulfill our cherished dreams. Beloved and faithful children of Artsakh, we convey our Patriarchal blessings and prayer and express our support to the authorities of Artsakh. You are facing a heavy responsibility and, unfortunately, you bear your suffering cross alone. Our pain and sorrow are common, the bitterness and sadness of our losses and the cruel blows inflicted on our native land are in all of our hearts. At this crucial moment, may the Almighty God support you, comfort and gird you to face tribulations and difficulties, and with the mercy of the Lord, may the course of your life and that of your children be safe and secure. In this difficult situation, following the example of our ancestors who overcame the stormy times of our history, let us be armed and strengthened with hope and faith, according to the words of the psalmist. "Even if I pass through the shadows of death, I will fear no evil, for you, Lord, are with me" (Psalm 22:5). Dear people in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora, let's raise a prayer to the Heavenly Lord together, asking that the Almighty God pour His graces of peace on the Armenian world, keep the Armenian statehood strong and firm and in patriotism, resolute and unshakable to our people. May the Lord's love, grace and peace be with us now and always. Amen."

Ecclesiastical life 15.09.2023

The Catholicos of All Armenians received the newly appointed ambassador of France to Armenia. The construction of the separate candlelight hall of Etchmiadzin cathedral and the Catholicos tomb is nearing completion. The Holy Mother of God Church of Kurdikants settlement of Syunik Diocese was consecrated. The 2023-2024 academic year was opened at Homs National Sahakyan College. Khajak Archbishop Parsamyan presented the situation created in Artsakh today as a result of Azerbaijan's anti-Armenian policy at the 37th international meeting "For peace, dialogue and prayer" in Berlin. Pope Francis was interested in the current state of Armenia and said that he is praying for Armenia. September 17 is Khachverats feast.

Ecclesiastical life 20.11.2023

Saints Yerkotasan Arakelots Church of Constantinople was re-consecrated. The dome and walls of Saint Gevorg Church in Nor Hachn Armenian neighborhood of Beirut have been repaired. The Saint Vardan Armenian Presbyterian Church in New York is also being renovated. The patriarchs and spiritual heads of Jerusalem expressed their support to the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian community in their efforts to preserve the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem intact and not to endanger the historical presence of Armenians in the holy city. In the Church of the Holy Spirit in Prague, the hymns of Holy Inner Blessing were sung. The first volume of the collection of works of the famous Armenologist Babken Chugaszyan has been published.

Ecclesiastical life 17.11.2023

Members of Holy Etchmiadzin Architectural Council and philanthropist Karlen Gevorgyan were awarded high honors. The issue of preservation of the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of Artsakh was discussed in Bucharest. The presentation of the first volume of the archive of the Holy Etchmiadzin Catholicosate Chancellory took place in the Mashtotsyan library. The International Day of Tolerance was also celebrated in the Armenian Diocese of Armenia.

Ecclesiastical life 13.11.2023

Feast of the Holy Archangels and Heavenly soldiers at the Mother See. The Catholicos of All Armenians received the residents of Yerevan boarding house No. 1. The spiritual leadership of the RA Armed Forces celebrates its 26th anniversary. Derenik Abegha Sahakyan, who was the last to be forced out of Dadivank, was celebrating a liturgy in the St. Gayane monastery. Pilgrimage day of St. gregory the Illuminator Church of Aruch.

Ecclesiastical life 06.11.2023

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the enthronement of the Patriarch of All Armenians Karekin II, a Public Prayer was fulfilled. The Permanent Conference of the Eastern Orthodox Churches was held in New York. Legal steps have been taken in the problematic case of the "Cow Garden" estate of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Archbishop Hovnan Terteryan, Primate of the American Armenian Western Diocese, Bishop Hovnan Hakobyan, Primate of Gugark Diocese, and Narek Avagyan, Vicar of Artik Diocese, visited Harichivank "Trbanchyan" banquet hall. In the Komitas Museum-Institute, a lecture on "Music as an uplifting phenomenon" was presented to the students of the Medical University. A tree planting was organized in the area adjacent to St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Church.