Dn. Hovhannes Evinyan

The stones brought from Dadivank get a new life
Deacon Hovhannes Evinyan brought water colors and stones with him from Dadivank, on which they paint. The watercolor was found by chance while serving in Dadivank. He does not consider himself an artist, but I think that if a person wants to express himself, he will definitely find the means.

Archimandrite Tovma Khachatryan

Father Tovma happily remembers the first meeting with the Kamancha, who has been his inseparable friend for twenty-eight years. "Grace is God's gift to man, he must recognize it and increase it with work," says the Father Tovma and tells about his musical career, meetings, and friends. Our film crew spent a day with Reverend Fr. Archimandrite Tovma in Charentsavan, his beloved birthplace.


Archimandrite Isahak Poghosyan

Reverend Fr. Archimandrite Isahak Poghosyan does not consider himself a writer, he says, first of all, I am a clergyman. The Archimandrite tells about his creative path, beautiful travels and important meetings in his life. 


Stole Bearer Tovmas Arakelyan

How a small incident became the beginning of a new book, how small videos became very spectacular and brought new ideas to life, Stole bearer Tovmas Arakelyan tells.

Rev. Fr. Vahan Azaryan

Architectural sketches, drawings, miniatures. Ter Vahan's range of creative interests is wide. Realizing even the smallest sketch or project is a source of great excitement and a desire to do more.

Dn. Grigor Tadevosyan

Grigor played the duduk from an early age, but began to take music seriously when he studied spiritual music. The Deacon says that the experience of playing hymns with the duduk opened new doors for him. Playing with friends has become part of the seminary routine.

Dn. Artak Ghevondyan

"Grace is a way of self-knowledge. That road must be passed silently." Spiritual singing and writing poems is the most harmonious state for Dn. Artak Ghevondyan. His first collection of poems, "A Handful of Silence" has already been published.


Scribe Vazgen Sargsyan

Scribe Vazgen Sargsyan, after studying in Harichivank, entered the Vazgenian seminary.  Soon he gathers a group, which begins to perform the Komitas liturgy. Vazgen is proficient in several musical instruments: piano, guitar, violin. He is a member of the ethnographic song-dance ensemble "Veradardz". Recently, he has also become obsessed with Hamshen culture.

Deacon Davit Gishyan

Davit achieved serious success in martial arts, music and cooking. One day, after attending Liturgy for the first time in St. Hripsime Church in Yalta, the path of his life changed.

Father Hovhan Leon Khoja-Einatyan

Mr. Hovhan is a musician by profession, he founded the "Narek Bells" orchestra at St. Jacob's Church in Evanston. The visit to Armenia was an opportunity to present Alan Hovhannes' work "Khorhurd Nahatakats" with the "Yerevan" string quartet.

Deacon Tigran Sargsyan

Tigran chose the clergyman's dress after graduating from the Pedagogical University. He is now a deacon. Most of his paintings are in Aparan with unique nature and unique villages.

Rev. Fr. Sevak Saribekyan

"Grace is God's first touch to man," says Fr. Sevak, recounting the turning point in his life when he went to Italy to study as a restorer.