10 Web

The 10 Web platform through artificial intelligence technology allows both professionals and novices to instantly create a WordPress website.

Mimo Bike

Thanks to the "Mimo" application, you can use mimo bicycles parked in different parts of the city and go to work, class, meeting. The GPS system allows you to find the bike near you, fix it, top up your account, scan and travel, and when finished, park in visible public areas. The founders hope that the number of people using mimo bikes will increase, especially those who avoid traffic jams.

Early one

The Early one application manages queue flow through special algorithms. Users of the application can pre-register their visit to banks, medical institutions and many other facilities. Use the service of the institution without waiting in halls and corridors for a long time.

Embry Tech

"Embry Tech" is an Armenian startup that creates smart insoles for shoes. And the Ebry Tech app records body weight changes, analyzes activity and behavior, and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.



Rockbite Games

The Deeptown and Sandship games of the Rockbite games Armenian company have more than 10 million downloads on Apple and Android systems. The founders claim that the games they create train the mind, require knowledge and flexibility.

"Robin" robots

Robin is the first Armenian robot to travel from Armenia to US children's dental clinics, helping children not to be afraid to see a doctor.



"Arlupa" app, augmented reality

If you see the "Arlupa" logo somewhere, then there is a hidden content there, use the "Arlupa" app to get more content than you can see with the naked eye. The Arlupa Virtual Reality (AR, VR) app is one of the top ten in the world.



"Lumzag" bags

The latest GPS system, constant internet access and, finally, a camera, thanks to which you can always see what is happening behind you. Smart Bag "Lumzag" is an Armenian startup product that is available to the whole world.



Krisp App

Krisp is an artificial intelligence application that works on all mobile platforms, which helps to clear all types of noise during telephone conversations, and helps to improve the quality and efficiency of communication. Very soon it will allow you to distinguish the human voices around you, leaving only the voice of your interlocutor.

Bonee QR Menu

The "Bonee QR menu" system allows you to order any dish in the restaurant menu via digital phones, make price, taste changes, and pay at the same time. With the help of the QR code, it also allows the use of digital textbooks.



Guide me

GuideMe is a mobile application. With the help of the map and audio guide, it allows you to visit any place and get a 4 minutes information. The app will soon be available in popular galleries in cities outside Yerevan.





Foldink is a startup that specializes in 3D bioprinting technology that allows the production of living tissues in the laboratory.  The founders of the Foldink startup Hamlet, Emanuel and Vahan are convinced that very soon through this technology it will be possible to obtain tissues that replace human organs.