Cultural year 2016: the guest is the Minister Armen Amiryan

Cultural censure, low-quality restaurant music aired on TV, immigration of young and talented musicians, the wages of musical school teachers. 
“Phonograph” hosts the Minister of Culture of Armenia Armen Amiryan.  


“There is a first-class Jewish musicians’ mafia in Berlin”: Lior Shambadal.

Anahit Margaryan discussed the issues of the specifics of the cultural Armenia, the success story of musical Israel, Jewish musical mafia, mandatory military service of musicians in Israel and many more with the renowned Jewish conductor Lior Shambadal.  

Ruben Aharonyan hosted in the pavilion of “Phonograph”

Phonograph is hosting famous violin Ruben Aharonyan who just turned 70. 

James Peng Liu - Artistic Director and Conductor of one of the most acclaimed Asian orchestras

The artistic director and principal conductor of Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra James Peng Liu tells about the popularity of classic academic music in China, about millions of young Chinese musicians, Chinese contemporary composers and the secrets of virtuosity of Asian musicians in the pavilion of “Phonograph”.