Tatyana Fetisova

Puppet maker Tatyana Fetisova is making puppets from textile, which are reminiscent of cartoon heroes. Tatiana does not sell puppets, she says, but rather adopts them.

Aram Hunanyan

The ceramist Aram Hunanyan is preparing angels, during which he quietly talks to them. The master is confident that when plastering angels it is necessary to be calm and this peace with the souvenirs will reach people making them kinder.

Arpi Rustamyan

The art of enamelwork is popular in many countries. Today, Armenian masters also practice it using Armenian ornaments. Musician Arpi Rustamyan has been combining music and the art of enamelwork for several years now. "I am inspired by old masters and their work; there is Armenian spirit in all my works," Arpi says. 

Armine Khachatryan

Authors Agatangeghos, Movses Khorenatsi testify about the ancient Armenian embroidery. The needlework from Marash, Urfa, Sivas, Ayntap, Van is well known and have reached our days. Today, embroidery masters are trying to continue the traditions of Armenian embroidery. Embroidery master Armine Khachatryan believes that the rich heritage of Armenian embroidery can be turned into an evolving branch of art in Armenia.

Karine Avetisyan

Karine Avetisyan is a chemist by profession. Her love for arts drove her to making unique accessories: by combining ordinary chains with stones she creates necklaces, bracelets, brooches. 

Nune Malakyan, Artem Tadevosyan

Nune and Artem decided to return to Armenia after many years of living in Moscow. It took them only a short time to get involved in the Armenian reality. In Armenian Nune dropped her profession of ophthalmologist and took up the art of eyeglasses, while Artem started dealing with dried fruit production. “For us it is important to get involved in the construction of the country where our children should leave, which is why exactly we decided to return to Armenia”. 

Nona Melkonyan: Doll Maker

The dolls Nona Melkonyan makes are made of paper (papier-mache), yet expressive and emotional. “I talk to them aloud as I work, that is why they are different and unique.” 

Sergey Tovmasyan

Actor Sergey Tovmasyan creates images from pine wood, which seem to breathe and move. The topics are Armenian and universal. “I prefer the Armenian themes in my works, because my roots are here. Nowhere else I can create such works”, - says Sergey. 

Father Hovakim Harutyunyan

"Communion is the fourth of the seven sacraments of the Church, which has been established by Jesus during the Last Supper." What role does the sacrament of communion play in the life of an individual and the community? Father Hovakim Harutyunyan, spiritual pastor of the Vedi Holy Mother of God Church speaks about it.

Father Shavarsh Simonyan

"Prayer is the only way to happiness. Where there is prayer, there the church breathes and lives. " Our film crew left for Dilijan, and was hosted by the local spiritual pastor Father Shavarsh Simonyan.

Roffi Petrossian

Roffi Petrossian is half Armenian, half American. He always had the feeling of incompleteness. In 31 he made a decision to come to Armenia and understand what doest it mean to be Armenian. He is in Armenia for already 4 years, traveling from north to south, from west to east, and trying to reveal his own story that he would want to pass to his children. 

Christmas: Father Mikayel Nurijanyan, Father Shavarsh Simonyan

The birth of Christ became a new beginning for the salvation of humanity, good news of hope, faith, light, truth, reconciliation and peace. The TV program “My Pastor” hosted Father Mikayel Nurijanyan and Father Shavarsh Simonyan.