Rev. Fr. Mushe Vahanyan

Rev. Fr. Mushe Vahanyan is the spiritual pastor of 14 villages around the city of Aparan.
The program "My Pastor" was hosted by Father Mushe.

Jirayr Babazyan

Durinf the Soviet years, Jirayr Babazyan came to Armenian from Cairo, and after graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts, he left Armenia with the decision to never return. Worked in England, USA, France. It has been three years since he returned to Armenia. He hopes that this time, forever.


Sargis Panosyan

Sarkis was born and raised in Uruguay. His mother is German. A few years ago he decided to try, will he be able to live in Armenia? "I already have friends here, whom I seem to have known since childhood. My friend and I set up a pub. Definitely. I am staying in Armenia. "

George Abrahamyan

George Abrahamyan has returned to his homeland from Iran. He built his house and garden and lives in Dvin. He says his example of returning to Armenia was contagious to 40 Iranian-Armenian families.

Arishta "Bazikyan"

The Bazikyan family has been making noodles at home in Gavar since 1998 to take care of their daily worries. Today, with three brothers, they have already established a workshop and are known in Armenia. Their noodles are exported to Europe, Russia and the USA.




Tanya and David have been engaged in galvanoplasty for 5 years already. Ordinary natural dry leaves are cultivated and covered with copper. The leaves of oak, poplar, grape and laurel become pendants.



Rev. Fr. Abgar Margaryan, Rev. Fr. Isahak Margaryan

The program "My Pastor" was hosted by the priest brothers, Rev. Fr. Abgar Margaryan, the pastor of Abovyan city, and Rev. Fr. Isahak Margaryan, the pastor of Charentsavan. The brothers tell of their family and spiritual journey.

Anahit Aramuni Keshishyan

Anahit Aramuni Keshishyan moved to Armenia with her family in the 70s with great difficulty. A few years later, he returned to the United States with great difficulty. "After 40 years, I realized that I can no longer live abroad, that it is more and more difficult for me to return to the United States from Armenia. I am in Armenia now, it is a gift for me. "




Rev. Fr. Nshan Panfyorov

The program "My Pastor" was hosted in Gyumri, Pastor Nshan Panfyorov of the St. Nshan Church . "I often look at a church that was built centuries ago and think, 'I have not been but this church has, I won't be alive and it will still be. I am happy that my community and I are reviving this church, giving it a breath and passing it on to the next generation as a legacy. ”




Cheese Production

The Mikaelyan family moved from Yerevan to Gegharkunik region, cultivating new types of cottage cheese. The unique taste of Miqayelyan family farm cheese made with the help of Armenian brandy and wine also attracts tourists from different countries.




Sevag Dumanyan

It has been 6 years since the Sevag and Nairi Dumanyans moved from Lebanon to Armenia. Their three children enjoy the freedom to live in Armenia.



Tea production

Rita Martirosyan has been studying tea plants for several years. Now in production as well . "There are more than 4,000 plant species in Armenia, about 150 of them are teas. "Nature offers us a wide selection, and we should enjoy those benefits."