Mind Center

Mind Center, the center of specialties for the future, organizes a number of robotics, programming, engineering and technological courses and programs for children aged 6-14. The aim of the center is: to educate children in STEM orientation; to transfer engineering knowledge from early school age; to develop innovative-creative thinking; to enable children to think, imagine and implement freely. 

MISMA Embroidery Corner

MISMA LLC was founded in 2014. Dedicated to its 15th anniversary in 2019, on May 14, 2012, MISMA launched a new project called THE MOST ARMENIAN, which aims to promote the recognition and dissemination of unique samples of old Armenian rugs and ornaments. MISMA company, connecting the old and the new, has created the Miskaryan heritage brand, offering beautiful, Armenian products: old Armenian rugs, ornaments, embroidered pillows, tablecloths, napkins, bags, souvenirs, belts, etc. Especially embroidered pillows of Miskaryan heritage brand were pleasantly received in Armenia, Diaspora, as well as abroad by foreigners. That is why we proudly continue to participate in the development and recognition of Armenian culture. 


The "ArmBionics"company was founded in 2018 by the students of Yerevan State Medical University.  Today, Diaspora Armenian specialists from different parts of the world have already joined the startup.  "Our main mission is to explore, develop technology, create the latest prostheses for the upper extremities, and provide a comprehensive approach to people with upper limb amputations that includes both physical and psychosocial support," stated the founders.

The Manufacturers of Holy Nativity Angels

Manufacturers of dolls with an image of an angel and their thoughts on Holy Nativity. 

Wigwam cottages

They prepared the house they dreamed of for their children and wished that this miracle would create a happy mood in all the families. "TP" is the first specialized company producing wigwam cottages in Armenia.


Podcastle "is a free web platform, with the help of which the user can record and edit podcasts, remote interviews և any kind of audio material.  Podcastle's artificial intelligence tools allow you to convert cloned text to audio and vice versa. In one year, Podcastle received $ 2 million in funding from international investment companies. At the moment the platform has more than 150 thousand users.


The main direction of "Solara" company is the design, installation and maintenance of solar stations. It is one of the most experienced Armenian companies operating in the field of solar energy.

Dvin Village

This time the program "Land does not wait" was hosted in the Dvin village, participated in the peach harvest with farmer Gegham, found out how to have an abundant harvest, how to water the pear-peach trees. Then listened to the advice of another farmer, Arthur, how to protect tomatoes from moths threatening.

"Goodness from the fruit"

Charentsavan raspberries become raw material in the equipment factory of the Hovhannisyan brothers, and become a finished product in the company of "I Bari" fruit and jams. Not only jam is exported, but also equipment. Goodness from fruit is possible in Armenia!

The handmade world of Susanna Abovyan. batik, rag, costume(taraz)

"My job is a window for me. When I open it, I find myself in a place where I do what is close to my heart.” Anahit Abovyan is an artist by profession, but over the years she has specialized in making batik, gafika and costume.

Farmer Tigran

Tigran Mikaelyan cleaned the pasture from rock and stone for 5 years and calculated. Today he has 15 hectares of land where he grows organic raspberries. He bought Korean herbivorous pigs a few years ago. "With smart calculation and great dedication, you will definitely succeed," says successful farmer Tigran.

Hovtashat Village

How to cultivate okra properly, how to harvest it, when to water it to get a rich harvest?
In Hovtashat village, in the watermelon field, there is also a harvest. And when is a watermelon considered ripe, when and how to harvest it?  Landlords give advice.