Grace Bardakjian

“All I have today – family, profession, friends, I have obtained them all here, and I am not going to leave anywhere”. 
Grace came to Armenia with her family from the US, back in 1990s. She is a musician by profession; she has become proficient in English-Armenian simultaneous interpretation. 

New Year Ornaments

New Year is hard to imagine without Christmas tree and decorations. Armenian mastes of handicraft offer innovations. Lala Mneyan, Sona Ramazyan, Ernest Voskanyan and Mariam Hakobyan make felt toys, Christmas trees made of diverse materials and holiday light-houses. 

Shahe Harutyunian

Years ago Shahe Harutyunian came to Armenia to study and went back. However, the longing for his homeland brought him back againg. He has built a house in the midst of mountains, on the foot of Aragats, planted trees and called it “my little Armenia”. He assures that Armenia is the only place where he can live. 

Father Mikayel Nurijanyan

“Every priest should pass through the four stairs – repentance, remission of sins, conversion and communion. We should walk towards God in a life worthy of a Christian.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Mikayel Nurijanyan. 


Ayl Kerp (Otherwise)

In 2014 Sofya Khachatryan, Anahit Hakobyan and Elina Melikyan made a decision to produce an Armenian intellectual table game called Ayl Kerp (otherwise), which is quite popular now among young people. Ayl Kerp was followed by “Ayl Kerpik” for children, then Mek Shnchov (in on breath) and Zil Zarr (cool dice). In the beginning it was just a hobby for the friends, now it’s also a small business treated in enthusiasm and love by its founders. 


Hasmik Movsisian

Hasmik Movsisian moved to Armenian from the Great Britain. The organization Music of Armenia established in 2008 moved to Armenia together with Hasmik. Hasmik is sure that Armenia has so much to present to the world in the area of music and is happy to be active part of that process...

Masters of New Year Gifts

There are many artists making New Year toys and accessories. There are many masters, for whom it’s both a profession, and a pleasant creative work at the same time. Anna makes felt angels, Tsovinar – dolls, Anahit – toys, while Margarita embroiders with toys. These are the heros of our festive program. 

Vahe Tilbian

Vahe Tilbian is from Ethiopia. After his inclusion in the team representing Armenia in Eurovision 2015 he decided to move to his homeland...

Armen Ghazaryan

Brewing in Armenia has a history of millenniums and today there is a new boost of Armenian beer production again. It is best characterized by the existence of Beer Academy in Yerevan. One of the founders of the Beer Academy Armen Ghazaryan tells us about the Armenian beer. 

Armen Kirakosyan

Solar energy powered electricity is gaining wide spread across diverse European countries. “Armenia can have great results in this field too”, - say Armen Kirakosyan. He is engaged in the production of solar heaters together with his friends. 

Nairi Melkomian, Gabriel Meghruni

Nairi moved to Armenia from Iran, Gabriel – from Argentina. They got married here and live in Armenia. Gabriel is half-Arab and works as water-supply engineer. “We often argue about our approaches to Armenia. I haven’t moved to Armenia yet, there are many things here I don’t get along with. I still feel myself as Argentine and ofter think of returning there, however Nairi keeps me back. Anyway, I am glad that my children grow up in Armenia”, - says Gabriel.

Gayane Mikayelyan: master of batik

In Armenia the fans of textile art – batik seem to be as many as its masters. Despite that this type of art reached Armenia from Far East and it’s not an Armenian art, yet it is practiced here as well by Armenian masters using Armenian motives.