Arpine Harutyunyan

For Arpine, the idea of ​​a clergy family was very vague, and she did not even think that one day she would become a priest's wife. 

Rev. Fr. Vahram Melikyan is Answering

Does the church accept surrogacy? Can new children be born in Heaven? Why does the church condemn body tattoos? Rev. Fr. Vahram Melikyan answered the questions of TV viewers and users.  Keep writing your questions on the "Questions and Answers" Facebook page.

International conference dedicated to the 150th anniversary of "Mshak"

Create a new European-type periodical. This was the vision of one of the most educated and open-minded people in the Armenian reality- Grigor Artsruni. He succeeded in it. 

Rev. Fr. Virap Ghazaryan is Answering

How to believe in God when you do not see? What can be done to prevent prayer from becoming a mechanical act? Rev. Fr. Virap Ghazaryan answered the questions of TV viewers and users.
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Levon Manukyan's Mother

Nelli is the mother of Levon Manukyan, who died in the 44-day war. The newborn daughter, Leona, has opened a new window of light in her life. Despite serious health problems, Nellie says the birth of her daughter has made her stronger.

Vladimir Abroyan, Satirist

I can completely laugh every five or six years, ”says Vladimir Abroyan, the author of hundreds of caricatures.  He worked for "Vozni" for 40 years, being publishing in "Crocodile", "Nedelia", "Ogonyok", "Smena", "Sovetsky Soyuz", "Moscow News", "Literaturnaya Gazeta", "Sovetsky Sport", "Football" newspapers and magazines. The artist is also a participant in many international exhibitions, one of the unique satirists whose works have been published in prestigious magazines.

Rev. Fr. Vagharsh Isakhanyan is answering

Why is it not permissible to marry a sister or brother? At what age is it right to teach a child the "Lords prayer"?  What is the right way to organize a sacrifice ceremony, who should be entertained? Rev. Fr. Vagharsh Isakhanyan answered the questions of TV viewers and users.
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Tigran Shahbaryan's Mother

Armine is the mother of Tigran Shahbaryan, who died in the 44-day war. She says that this spring is different from other springs in her life, she is waiting for her daughter to be born.

May 28 -The day of the eight-hundred-year-old Pilgrimage of Khoranashat

From May 28 to 30, events dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Khoranashat, one of the most famous medieval monastic centers, were held in the border village of Chinari, Tavush region.
 The "Gospel of Tavsho or Khoranashat" written in 1224 in Khoranashat was brought here from the Matenadaran.

Rev. Fr. Nerses Asryan is Answering

How to understand the expressions "I'll honour" and "I am obedient"? Is it possible to take communion from a Russian clergyman in the Russian Orthodox Church? Why do people wear a wedding ring on their left hand? Rev. Fr. Nerses Asryan answered the questions of TV viewers and users. 
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The pearl of the Araks valley in Mekhakavan, Artsakh

The film "The Pearl of the Araks Valley" is the incredible journey of the cross of the Holy Mother of God Zoravor Church in Mekhakavan and the salvation of the Gospel- from Jrakan to Hadrut and then to Stepanakert. The film participants tell the story of how the church was built on an inaccessible hill, became a place of pilgrimage and place of worship for thousands of soldiers, and how the soldiers themselves saved the cross of the sacred sanctuary and the Gospel from the enemy.

Zvart Rumelyan - Priest's Wife

Who are the wives of the priests? We got acquainted with Zvart Rumelyan.