Sevak Shahbazyan

Trials and experiences of a military doctor
The chief surgeon of Yerevan, Sevak Shahbazyan, remembers the path of the military doctor with great enthusiasm and excitement. According to the doctor, every Armenian should be next to the army and soldiers. No reward can compare to the thanks of the mother of the surviving soldier. What trials did Sevak Shahbazyan overcome and what feelings did he have?

Artur (Ararat)

Arthur looks forward to Sunday all week so he can go to the Church of the Holy Saviour in Ararat, put on a shirt and participate in the service. His daily life is full: he attends journalism, theater and pottery groups. He dreams of becoming an actor. He is convinced that whatever profession he chooses, he will always attend church.


Rev. Fr. Vachagan Gyurjian

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Why is the order of confession not performed at the end of the liturgy?
Who is "Haismavurk" intended for?
What does the period of hinans mean?
What is the Judas tree?
Why is wine used during the consecration of churches?
Why can't an unmarried woman be a godmother?


Before the 44-day war, the enemy was more than 100 kilometers away from the village of Chakaten, now it is a few meters away from the houses of the village. The village and the road leading to the village are completely observed by the enemy. According to the villagers, the enemy has taken about half of the pastures.


Shikahogh village of Syunik region, which was not on the border before the 44-day war, now has a 30 km border with Azerbaijan. After the last attack of Azerbaijanis, occupation of positions and territories, it became impossible to work in the fields. The arable lands in the administrative area of ​​the village were targeted by Azerbaijan. There is no distance and neutral zone.
Facing all challenges in Shikahogh, which is targeted by the enemy, the Armenian peasant lives, builds and creates without complaint.

"Vanakan" Rock Band

"Vanakan" will release a new song
"Vanakan" rock band is going to release a new song and shoot videos in the near future. The group has a history of only a few years, but managed to acquire an army of fans. The members of "Vanakan" group simultaneously work in other places and invest their earned money for the development of the group.

Dn. Hovhannes Evinyan

The stones brought from Dadivank get a new life
Deacon Hovhannes Evinyan brought water colors and stones with him from Dadivank, on which they paint. The watercolor was found by chance while serving in Dadivank. He does not consider himself an artist, but I think that if a person wants to express himself, he will definitely find the means.

Stepan Rostomyan

Composer Stepan Rostomyan's international recognition began in 1989, when the Soviet Union commissioned him to compose works for the "New Beginning" festival in Glasgow. Today, Rostomyan's symphonies are played on prestigious stages of the world. The "Yerevan Perspectives" international music festival, which already has a rich biography, was created with the efforts of the composer.

The son of the philanthropist, who was awarded the title of national hero, visited "Izmirlian" Medical Center

The Catholicos of All Armenians visited the "Izmirlian" medical center, which was renamed after the philanthropist in 2012, with Sargis Izmirlian, the son of the famous philanthropist Tigran Izmirlian, and his wife. Tigran Izmirlyan's contribution to the re-equipment of the hospital is invaluable. The Izmirliana also visited Hrach and Suzan Tufayan Youth Center and "Eurnekian" public school.

Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan

Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Ruben Zargaryan answered the questions of viewers and users. Post your questions on the Q&A Facebook page.
What is the significance of the drying up of the Euphrates mentioned in the book of Revelation, and who are the kings of the East?
Why does God command to work 6 days and rest on the 7th day?
Can followers of other religions recite the "Our Father" prayer?
Where do the names of the Sundays after Easter come from?
Does the soul of a clinically dead person meet God?
How to distinguish those who mislead people in the name of Christ and those who preach the true faith?

Shushiki band

"Shushiki" band publicizes Komitas' music
The girls of "Shushiki" band met in the Holy Catholic Church of Jrvezh. They perform Armenian folk music, implement various educational programs in regions, popularize Komitas music. The band has been participating in the international festival for two years now. Recently, music programs are often implemented in the Tavush region.

Hakob Movses: The sacrament of Resurrection

The essence of Christianity is resurrection. In history, hundreds of thousands of people were crucified before Christ, crucifixion was just a form of punishment, but only one, Jesus Christ, was resurrected. Poet, translator Hakob Movses presents his perception of the sacrament of resurrection, reads his poems written on the subject.