As a result of forced displacement, a 15-year-old Artsakh resident in Armenia creates perfume

During the siege of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, a teenager from Artsakh started producing perfume. As a result of the forced displacement, he could not take with him the essential oils of Artsakh plants distilled in Stepanakert. Now he sells his perfume through social networks and dreams of creating a global brand

Rev. Fr. Narek Antonyan

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In what cases can the offer to be a godfather of baptism be refused? Why can't an unbaptized person be buried in a church order? 
How do you know if a sin is atoned for or not? 
Since when is the priest's ring used as a symbol of power? 
What do we mean by "there is a God above"? 
Why can't an unbaptized couple get married in church?

"Uru" band's new songs will soon flood the Internet

"Uru" band songs will soon be available on all social platforms. The band was formed under the leadership of the famous rock musician Arik Grigoryan in the workshops of Tumo. In the last year, the group performs with an expanded composition and expanded repertoire. Eight different personalities united around one idea create in Armenian and write music based on the works of Armenian poets.


8-year-old Norayr visits St. Thaddeus Church in Masis every Sunday with his father. He wears a shirt and helps his father serve the altar.

On June 11, the meeting of the Supreme Spiritual Council was convened, chaired by the Catholicos of All Armenians

External threats and internal political developments facing the Motherland are discussed at the Mother See. Questions related to the re-consecration of Holy Etchmiadzin cathedral and the organization of the Blessing of the Holy Muron, ecclesiastical-ideological issues.

The former head of the Mets Shen community of Artsakh received prosthetics with the help of the Mother See

Davit Ananyan, who was wounded by a mine explosion in Talish during the 44-day war, received prosthetics in Austria at the initiative of the Mother See. The hospital expenses of the 6 servicemen who received treatment were covered by the Vincents Group Foundation, and the living expenses were covered by the community of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Austria.

The scribes of Sevan

The altar of the Church of the Holy ArchAngels in Sevan is always full of children. The children spend Sundays in church, love to go on pilgrimages with their father, and also travel and fish.

Rev. Fr. Mikael Nurijanyan

All human life is a pursuit of perfection
The school-aged daughter's homework was the reason that Rev. Fr. Mikael Nurijanyan started painting. According to those who receive grace and use it for the glory of God and the needs of people, God gives even more. But when grace is enveloped, hidden, not used, God takes it and gives it to someone else.

Gevorgyan Theological Seminary has started the entrance exams

Applicants take an exam in the subjects of Armenian language, Armenian literature, history of the Armenian people. The first is the examination of the Armenian language. At the final phase of the exams, the members of the seminary inspection conduct an interview with the applicants. They check applicants' knowledge of the Bible, the history of the Armenian Church, and foreign languages. During the interview, the applicant's communication skills are also revealed.

Fr. Voskan Voskanyan

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How to overcome the fear of war? 
Are there clear rules on how to paint Christ and the Virgin Mary? Who or how was it decided what the saints should look like? 
Why is the Gospel of John always read at the end of the liturgy? 
How do we align our will with the Lord's will? 
Can a clergyman visit other places in his official dress?

On the feast of St. Gayane and her Companions, the saint's relic was brought out, the Republican prayer was offered

At the conclusion of the liturgy, on the occasion of the Republic Day, under the patronage of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin, a ceremony of the Republic Prayer was held in the Saint Gayane Monastery.

The Armenian Patriarch visited the Sardarapat memorial, overcoming the police barriers

On May 28, on the occasion of the feast of St. Gayane and her Companions holiday, following the liturgy and the Republican prayer, the Catholicos of All Armenians, accompanied by the spiritual class, visited the Sardarapat memorial complex. 
The Armenian patriarch and the spiritual class encountered a ban on entering the territory of the memorial complex, then, overcoming the barrier of police forces several times, they laid flowers in front of the memorial. 
The Armenian Patriarch raised a prayer to God in front of the memorial for the repose of the souls of the brave Armenians who were martyred in the May heroic battles.