Hayk and Davit

Davit and Hayk are brothers, they attend the Holy Mother of God Church in Marash every Sunday, putting on a t-shirt, going up to the altar. There is a pleasant tradition in the family to travel through Armenia and get to know churches that have not yet been discovered for them. The brothers' daily life is full: they do manual work, attend "Tumo", go for a walk with the children who moved to their home from Artsakh.

The Mother See has decided to preserve the Diocese of Artsakh

The meeting of the Supreme Spiritual Council was chaired by Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II. On the first day of the meeting, the Primate of Artsakh Diocese and Artak Beglaryan, former Minister of State of Artsakh, made a report. Suren Nazinyan, director of the National Addiction Treatment Center, made a report at the next day's session. He presented the situation related to the increase of drug addiction in Armenia.

Rev. Fr. Hrant Manukyan is Answering

How not to despair? How to curb mutual hatred? Why is it not possible to visit the dead ones in the evening of the Feast of Tabernacles, after all, the day has already changed according to the church calendar? Why is euthanasia considered a sin? How to make a share out of scarce funds to the needy? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Hrant Manukyan. Keep posting your questions on the Question and Answer Facebook page.

The scribes of Goris

The altar of Gregory the Illuminator Church in Goris is full of children. The boys have been friends for a long time, they have traveled many covenant paths together. Our film crew spent a Sunday with the scribes. 

Dn. Vahe Mkrtchyan

Dn. Vahe Mkrtchyan was a spiritual Servant in Artsakh during the 44-day war. The deacon tells about the love and bravery of the soldiers.

Holy Mother of God of Kurds of Syunik

The settlement of Kurds has a centuries-old history. The Kurdish prince builds a church named after Holy Mother of God. In 1661, the church was repaired. During the Soviet years, it was turned into a warehouse. In 1958, the village moves to the southeast, to present-day Lernadzor, and the church remains the only living witness of the village. In May, 2022 excavations begin, the church is restored within a year. On September 9, 2023, the Holy Mother of God of Kurdistan will be re-consecrated. It was a real holiday for the people of Lernadzor: the beloved shrine got a second life. The people of Ghent Dzor share their emotions and stories.

The Holy Mother of God Church in the Diocese of Syunik was reconsecrated

Built in the 17th century in the Kurdish settlement of Syunik, the Holy Mother of God Church was restored and consecrated.

The patriarch of all Armenians blessed the four corners of the world

On the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the relic of the Holy Cross was taken out from the chapel-baptistry of St. John the Baptist and St. Vardan. The Catholicos of All Armenians offered the  Andastan Service, blessing the four corners of the world. 

Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilian is Answering

What does the apostle Paul say about marriage, difficult times? Why did Adam and Eve have no children before they sinned? Who did the children of Adam and Eve marry? How to reason with a person who summons spirits of the dead? Are Catholicos of All Armenians Mkrtich Khrimyan and Vazgen A canonized? Why did Christ tell anyone in the message not to tell the good after doing? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Ghevond Mayilian. Keep posting your questions on the Question and Answer Facebook page.

Anik and Yura

Anik and Yuran participate in liturgies in the Holy Mother of God Church in Verin Artashat. Yura goes up to the altar, Anik sings in the choir. Anik helps his brother sing the hymns well on the altar. They have made new friends at church, like to play together and go on pilgrimages.

Rev. Fr. Shahe Hayrapetyan is Answering

Are there special prayers for health? Why is it written "God" in the first chapter of Genesis and "Lord God" in the second chapter? Why does Christ associate salvation with the Jews? Does Satan have power and wealth? Are there cases when the myron of the Armenian Church is over before you bless the next myron? The questions of viewers and users were answered by Rev. Fr. Shahe Hayrapetyan. Keep posting your questions on the Question and Answer Facebook page.

Vahe from the St. Hovhannes church in Arinj

For Vahe, Sundays are expected and interesting, the family starts the day in the morning at St. Hovhannes Church in Arinj. Vahe and dad wear t-shirts and participate in the liturgy. Then they train together, play tennis and do everyday things.