A new way to overcome poverty

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is making changes in the field of social protection. They also dictate the introduction of a unified system of social needs assessment, which implies structural changes. What concrete changes are expected in the life of a citizen, especially in overcoming poverty? Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zhanna Andreasyan, Director of the FAR Children's Center, President of the Armenian Association of Social Workers Mira Antonyan are discussing.



How to become four million?

Birth rate in Armenia decreases every year. In 2018, the mortality rate in Lori region exceeded the birth rate. Back in the 1980s, experts predicted that the population of Armenia would reach 4,200,000 in the 2000s. The previous authorities had announced their intention to reach a population of 4 million in twenty years, which, according to experts, was impossible. The current government has already announced the increase of birth control programs. Are they enough to ensure population growth? Discussed by Anna Hovhannisyan, UNFPA Population and Development Program Coordinator, and Artak Markosyan, Head of the Demography Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.



Attitude towards hate speech

When freedom of speech turns into hate speech, it is limited to the literal meaning of the word. Legislation in many countries of the world provides criminal penalties for uttering or spreading hate speech. A working group has been formed in the National Assembly to reform the legislation aimed at the fight against hate speech in our country. What will this group do, what will it reform and how?



Different interpretations of hate speech

How do different democracies interpret "hate speech"? Can democracy be interpreted differently? How are the fine lines between hate speech and freedom of speech divided in different countries? Our guest is political scientist Edgar Vardanyan.



Threats of criminalization of hate speech

Many respond to the initiative to criminalize hatred with a number of new features negatively. What dangers do they see on this reform? It is possible to exclude hate speech from our lives and public relations by law.



Preschool education for everyone

The RA law on pre-school education was presented in a new edition in 2019. What has been edited, how will it solve the existing problems of pre-school education, what principles of the state policy of the sphere have been fixed, does it show a way how to provide pre-school education for everyone?



Active and healthy senility. how is it possible?

What are the conditions for active and healthy aging in Armenia? What responsibility do young people have for the problems of the elderly? The pavilion of the "Version" program is hosted by Anna Hovhannisyan, UNFPA Population and Development Program Coordinator, and Arthur Torosyan, President of the Association for the Care of the Elderly.



The past of virology and present in Armenia

Viruses became known to science as infectious agents only in the late 19th century, but they have been around for thousands of years. Many dangerous diseases known to mankind, even some types of cancer have viral pathogens. People are terrified of them because they do not see with the naked eye, they do not have much knowledge about them. What has virology done in the past, what is the future of that science in our country?



How to overcome the coronavirus crisis

Due to the increase of coronavirus cases and the establishment of a state of emergency in the country, people's behavior has changed. Contrary to many people's urging to stay calm and act without panic these days, the opposite is happening. The fear that our healthcare system does not have the preparation with which China overcame the infection has become a cause of tension. What should everyone know these days? The chief pathologist of Yerevan Armen Mkhitaryan and psychotherapist Armen Abgaryan are discussing.



Following another woman-murder case

After another woman-murder case in Gyumri, the Human Rights Defender published statistics that in 2019, 359 cases of domestic violence were not processed. That is about 74% of the total cases. And about 69% of the completed proceedings have been terminated. According to the Human Rights Defender, this means that the state body does not respond properly to the cases of violence.



Resocialization With Under-developed Services

Shortly after the amnesty declared in November 2018, the RA Chief of Police mentioned that some of the those discharged from prison due to amnesty committed offences again. According to experts, after the amnesty, the growth of offenses is a consequence of ineffective work of the penitentiary system. How are the employment and works of current and former convicts ensured in our country as important conditions for re-socialization?

Public Judgement of the Life-Time Prisoners

Recently, the news media and social media had intense discussions on the issue of the life-time prisoner in the Justice Ministry's pardon commission, which started the "public trial". How does the community perceive the life-time prisoners and who decides to forgive the convict, the public, the state, or the victim's legal successor? 
Interview with human rights defender Vardan Harutyunyan and spiritual servant of life sentenced prisoners of "Nubarashen" and "Armavir" Penitentiaries Father Grigor Hovhannisyan.