Cultural Poster 17.06.2019

The 16th Golden Apricot International Film Festival will be held in Yerevan from July 7 to 14.
French historian Professor Jean Noel Grandom referred to the assistance of the French navy to the Armenians in 1915-23.
The "Gaspar Ipekyan" theater group of the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Union performed at the Hamazgayin State Theater.
The evening of "Loft" center was full of Bulgakov mood these days. Thematic lecture, books, exhibition and theatrical performance.
The "Diary of Anne Frank" with a new original translation has been published.
The festive food festival "Food Fest" was held in Yerevan.

Cultural Poster 24.06.2019

A gallery named after Jansem has opened at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.
The Institute of Archeology, Yerevan State University and the Mashtots Matenadaran organized a conference dedicated to the memory of Armenologist-archaeologist Aram Ter-Ghevondyan.
The personal exhibition of American painter Samvel Marutyan opened at the Union of Artists of Armenia.
The joint sitting of the Board of Trustees and local bodies of the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund took place.
The personal exhibition of potter Rita Khachatryan opened at the Igityan National Center of Aesthetics.
Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum presents the illustrations of the fairy tale "The Foolish Man" by the students of the painting class of the Arabkir Youth Center.

Cultural Poster 01.07.2019

Students organized a memorial evening in memory of Rafael Jrbashyan, People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia, who educated many generations of theater and cinema.
Personal exhibition of sculptor Karen Terzyan (Terzo) has opened at the Union of Artists of Armenia.
Laura Avetisyan's personal exhibition opened at the Yerevan Museum of Contemporary Art.
Director Sargis Arzumanyan staged Albert Camus' "The Stranger" at the Goy Theater.
Within the framework of the "Publishing House of the Month" initiative, "Zangak" bookstore had a reading evening. Book lovers were united under one roof by Jacqueline Woodson's famous book "All Kindness".
The premiere of a play based on Peter Turrini's play "The Rat" of the same name took place at the Young Audience Theater. It is the first 18+ work in the history of the theater, a one-act experiment.

Cultural Poster 08.07.2019

Carlos Reigadas met with Moldovan-Armenian director Arthur Aristakesyan within the framework of the "Golden Apricot" International Film Festival.
One of the traditional meetings of the festival is the "Press Cocktail", during which journalists have the opportunity to communicate freely with the guests of the festival, to ask them questions.
The closing ceremony of the 16th "Golden Apricot" Film Festival took place on July 14 at the Moscow Cinema.
On the initiative of the National Cinema Center of Armenia, the "Temple of Cinema" exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Sergey Parajanov was held in "Ayrarat" cinema from July 8 to 12.
Narek Avetisyan's exhibition entitled "Jajuryan Paintings" opened at "Arame" Gallery.
An exhibition of Ruben Enfenjian's works entitled "Seeing the Universe" has opened at the Union of Artists of Armenia.

Cultural Poster 02.09.2019

The 6th Fresco International Festival of Contemporary Art and Concern Films was summed up.
In the temporary exhibition hall of the Armenian Genocide Museum was held "Far from the Homeland, in the Homeland. The Fate of the Armenian Soldiers in the First World War ”opening of the temporary exhibition and presentation of the picture book.
The "First Armenian International Photo Festival" has started in Yerevan.
The fifth solo exhibition entitled "Color Enthusiasm" by artist Evgine Martirosyan has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The jubilee exhibition of painter Haghtanak Shahumyan dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory has opened at the Union of Artists.
William Saroyan's story series "My name is Aram" and Italo Calvino's novel "The Tree Baron" have been translated into Armenian.

Cultural Poster 09.09.2019

Manaryan "Invincible Rooster" is 40 years old. The year is also a jubilee for the master, Yervand Manaryan, who is 95 years old.
Last week, ancient Roman mosaics from the 2nd to 3rd centuries brought from the Capitol Museums of the world were displayed at the presidential residence.
The "Second International Biennial of Artistic Printing" has started in "HayArt" cultural center.
An exhibition of Marie Hovelyan-Hakobyan's works has opened at the Union of Artists.
The works of Tbilisi-Armenian artist Lev Bayakhch are exhibited in Yerevan for the first time.
At the beginning of the academic year, an exhibition of primers was opened at the National Library of Armenia.

Cultural Poster 16.09.2019

At Sundukyan's "Small Stage" is the premiere of Matthew Vishniek's play "Richard III Will Not Happen or Episodes from Meyerhold's Life".
The Armenian audience was introduced to "Cilicia. The Land of Lions" feature film about the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.
An exclusive open-air exhibition entitled "Historical Heritage of Armenian Photography" opened at the Presidential Palace.
An exhibition of Aram Isabekyan's works opened at the "Albert and Tove Boyajyan" Exhibition Hall of the State Academy of Fine Arts.
On the initiative of "Kenats Tun" cultural non-governmental organization, "Taghik Day" exhibition-festival was held in Armavir.
The French poet, prose writer and translator Gerard de Nerval's series of poems "Kimmerner" has been published in a separate booklet in Armenian, originally translated by Shushanik Tamrazyan.

Cultural Poster 23.09.2019

Festive events of the 28th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia in Gyumri.
The ninth excavation period has started in the ancient site of "Erebuni" reserve.
The new Residency of the Cathedral of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin also exhibits samples of the art collection of the Mother See.
The 85th anniversary of architect Gurgen Musheghyan was celebrated at the National Museum-Institute of Architecture.
Until October 25, during the 14th Tumanyan Fairy Tale Day International Puppet Theater Festival, Tumanyan's spirit will be spread in the regions, Artsakh and the capital.
On the eve of the 90th anniversary, the Yerevan Young Audience Theater announced the beginning of a new season with the premiere of "The Thumbnail".

Cultural Poster 07.10.2019

Famous sculptor Arto Chakmakchyan passed away on October 1 at the age of 86.
The "Sate-Atgh" Theatrical Union, in cooperation with the Sos Sargsyan Hamazkayin Theater, presented a series of events dedicated to the theater of French playwright Florian Zeller.
Within the framework of the events dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Tumanyan, on the International Day of the Elderly, the residents of the Nork Nursing Home presented the works of the poet on the stage of the Puppet Theater.
The 17th HayFest International Theater Festival is held from October 1 to 8 this year.
The mission of World Vision International Charitable Organization in Armenia celebrated its 30th anniversary.
The personal exhibition of painter Andranik Mkhitaryan-Susertsi opened at the Yerevan State Chamber Theater.
The premiere of the play "The Wolf" took place at the Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theater in Yerevan.

Cultural Poster 21.10.2019

"Ararat-Sacred Mountain "exhibition opened at the National Gallery of Armenia.
Jonathan Conlin's book "Mr. Five Percent" about world-famous businessman and philanthropist Galust Gyulbenkyan has been translated into Armenian.
An exhibition by London-based artist Arthur Oshakanci entitled "The Beating of Time" has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The restoration works of the 19th century architectural-religious complex, the upper mosque of Lady Gohar, have been completed in the city of Shushi, Artsakh.
The first "Reforming the World" film and TV festival was held in Yerevan on October 15-16.
A two-day "Value and Price" workshop was held in Aghveran on the initiative of the RA ESCS, with the support of the British Council and the "Creative Europe" project.
Last week the gala concert of the "Zvartnots" Armenian song contest-festival and award ceremony was held.
Joseph Bedier's book "Tristan and Isolde's Romance" and Alexander Belya's "Professor Dowell's Head" science fiction novel have been published.

Cultural Poster 28.10.2019

An exhibition entitled "Surviving Armenian Handicrafts" opened at the National Gallery of Armenia.
"Reanimania" Yerevan International Animated Film and Illustration Festival has started.
The premiere of the play "The Odyssey of the Aznavours" was presented by French-French-Armenian artists on the stage of the Puppet Theater in Armenia.
Room 329 of the Grand Hotel Yerevan will henceforth be named after the famous painter, sculptor Yervand Kochar.
A temporary exhibition of sculptures and paintings by painter-sculptor Robert Minasyan has opened at the Union of Artists of Armenia.
The full week of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative ended at the Tatev Monastery.
The students of "Tumo" studio, on the initiative of American authors Kate and Lee Ara, created "Lavash", which is a book about Armenian hospitality and traditional recipes.
Mario Vargas Llosa's novels "Aunt Julia nd the Pen" and Christoph Ransmayr's "The Last World" have been translated into Armenian.

Cultural Poster 04.11.2019

A temporary exhibition "Teacher" has opened at the Komitas Museum-Institute.
The performance of the "Karin" traditional song and dance group performed "Bridal Ringing" at the Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theater.
The 11th ReAnimania International Festival of Animation and Illustration has been summed up.
A temporary exhibition "How the Masterpiece is Born" has opened at the Museum of Russian Art.
The 14th International Shakespeare Theater Festival launched at the Hamazgayin Theater.
An all-Armenian children's painting exhibition entitled "My Saryan" opened at the Meridian Expo Center.
In the "Arev Art" exhibition hall, women creators showed their book art, and the Armenian style of a bookkeeper.
A new theatrical educational program called "Classroom Plus Classic" was launched for the students of Yerevan High School.