Jazz improvisations

Jazz music becomes complete through improvisation. What is improvisation, how is it done in jazz?

Rabindranath Tagore

This "Encyclopedia" film tells the biography of world-famous Indian poet and teacher Rabindranath Tagore.



Alexander Demyanenko

"It will be a mystery to me that Shurik is so public," Alexander Demyanenko admitted. "I did not play that role, I just appeared in the required scenes." That's a basic problem for an actor. " Demyanenko was known as Shurik. He suffered from it all his life. The actor's dream was to play dramatic, profound characters. The audience greeted the actor with joy, but he was even more disappointed. However, in art, especially in cinema, the most difficult thing is to laugh. Today, Alexander Demyanenko is considered an artist who can stand next to the great comedians of the last century.


Opportunity for new Armenia-Diaspora relations

In everyday speech, there is a constant regret about the Armenian Diaspora, which is of great strategic importance compared to Azerbaijan's oil: the financial, economic, intellectual, social and human resources of the Diaspora are not fully used. They can become a powerful force if a more systematic approach is shown. What studies on the Diaspora are being conducted in Armenia? Are those studies sufficient to develop a new policy towards the Diaspora?



New strategy of education and science. Part 15

We are discussing the new strategy of science and education with writer, publicist Vahan Zanoyan.

The foundation of the Seminary. Catholicos George IV

The famous students and teachers of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The founder of the Seminary is George IV, Catholicos of Constantinople.



New strategic approaches to the problems of the elderly

According to statistics, 13% of the de jure population of Armenia is over 63 years old. The UN Population Fund forecasts that by 2050, those over the age of 65 will make up 22% of our country's population. The elderly in our country continue to be isolated from community life, have no access to continuing education or employment, and lack social and health care. What changes can be expected in the life of the elderly population in the next four years? Discussing are RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Gemafin Gasparyan and Mission Armenia's Social Programs Development Manager Anna Grigoryan.

Family life after the closure of boarding schools

There will be no other boarding schools in Armenia! The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is developing systemic solutions to ensure the return of children to their families. The program envisages the creation of quality social protection services for children in difficult life situations, and care for their families. How is it possible to carry out this process in transition? The discussion is being discussed by Zhanna Andreasyan, RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, and Gayane Martirosyan, World Vision Armenia's Family Environment and Services Program Manager for Armenian Children.



New strategy of education and science. Part 14

We are discussing the new strategy of science and education with military-political analyst Mher Hakobyan.




Again, no money for science

The total funding for science in the RA state budget for 2020 will not increase again. This fact has infuriated young scientists. Armenia ranks last in the region in terms of science funding.





The Archives of the Mother See Testify

The archives of the Mother See were nationalized in the 1920s, and the State Archive was established on their basis. The numerous documents now kept there are unique documents about World War I and the Armenian Genocide that shed light on the tragedy of a century ago.

The problem of the scientist is not the problem of the state

Which fields of science are most active in Armenia today? Under what conditions do young scientists work? How do they raise funds for research? Do the scientific and research data created in our country serve practical purposes?