New Year Gifts

The most expected gifts of the New Year and Christmas are those made with love and warmth. Charity fairs where proceeds are directed to donations now become a good tradition. 

Karen Qoloyan

“Children's orthopedist need to be a good psychologist in the first place. Dedication and hard work lead to success in the field of medicine”, - believes Dr. Karen Qoloyan, corresponding member of Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) and member of European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS). 

Melik Baghdasaryan

Photo journalist Melik Baghdasaryan has taken the photos of most important public, political events, historic monuments in addition to sports photography too.

Song and Prayer

Spiritual Male Choir “Saghmosergu” (The Psalmist) performs Russian, Georgian spiritual songs apart from Armenian choruses, and presents new arrangements of classic compositions. Side by side with their concerts every Sunday they perform Patarag in St. Hovhannes Church of Abovyan. 

State Marionette Theatre

“Puppets are also humans, it’s just in the case of marionettes you can see the threads, while in the case of people- you cannot.” Everyone in the theatre of marionettes believe this, and most importantly – the children too. 

Theatre Group “Bridge of Hope”

The theatre group “Bridge of Hope” established 20 years ago is one of its kind. This inclusive group includes children with and without disabilities. It has already seen many generations, however the mission of the group is still the same – to change the way the society treats those with limited abilities and create a platform for self-expression for children with issues. 

Sashur Qalashyan

Owing to his efforts, dozens of historical-cultural buildings and constructions in Gyumri were saved in 1980-ies. It was due to the plan designed by Sashur Kalashyan and his team, that today the memorial and museum eternalizing the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims now hoists up in the heights of Tsitsernakaberd.
The architect addresses the destruction of historical-cultural buildings and distorted environment in the capital with deep pain. 


Grigor Ajemyan

His childhood and adolescence passed under the label “the son of nation’s enemy”. Grigor Ajemyan realized who his father – Gurgen Mahari was in reality when it was too late. It was only after his father’s death that Grigor Ajemyan revealed Mahari-the writer and became fully dedicated to the studies of Mahari. Despite his old age, up today, he spends hours brooding in front of the desk or in the library or publishing house: he still lives in the world of Mahari...

Հարություն Քեհեյան

Լեգենդար Արարատ 73-ի» մարզիչ, ֆուտբոլի երախտավոր Հարություն Քեհեյանը բազում սպորտային պատնեշներ է հաղթահարել»: Նա ԽՍՀՄ սպորտի վաստակավոր գործիչ է, 1975 թվականից մինչ այսօր՝ Հրազդան» մարզադաշտի տնօրենը:

Vahram Papazyan

Robert Matosyan, the author of the film, film critic, script writer, presents the time period of screening “Vahram Papazyan” documentary, the motives and used materials. The dilm is preceded by the film (cameraman- Karen Mesyan, Yerevan Studio, 1984), which was not presented for decades now. The film contains unique documentary materials about Vahram Papazyan.


Norayr Kartashyan and VAN Project

“The only motive for creating the band was to play pure national music”, - says the artistic director of Van Project Norayr Kartashyan. Owing to Van Project, numerous Armenian melodies were collected, arranged and acquired a new breath. 

Hakob Yeritsyan

Violin, alt, viola, kanoon, oud, kamancheh, mandolin, saz, tar, santoor… Wood won a breath and soul in the hands of Master Hakob, broken instruments were reborn and sound anew. Master Hakob’s son Samvel Yeritsyan and musicians Tsovinar Hovhannisyan, Hakob Khalatyan and Mihran Demirchyan tell about Master Hakob and the instruments he made.