State Theatre of Musical Comedy after H. Paronyan

State Theatre of Musical Comedy after Paronyan was established in 1942, during the years of the Great World War, so as Avetik Isahakyan said: “To fight with the power of laugh”. The characters embodied by the actors of theatre Izabella and Hayk Danzases, Karp Khachvankyan, Svetlana Grigoryan are unforgettable examples of the “power of laugh”. Now the shift has been assumed by the new generation.

Deacon Davit Chetenkaya

Fourth Auditorium for priest education is being established in Gevorkian Theological Seminary. It allows entities with higher education to perform priestly services. Deacon Davit Cheteynkayan is from Istanbul. He came to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to fulfill his dream. Alongside with his education, Deacon Davit also sows garments for priests.

Harutyun Chalikyan

“Humor is the salt of life”, - believes the cartoonist Harutyun Chalikyan. People are displayed with all their most vivid and hidden features of character. His gaze does not miss any political or public figures, artists and men of culture.

Tagharan Ensemble

Tagharan Ensemble playing santoor, reedpite, harp, oud and performing Armenian and ancient world music, is unique as such in our music art. The Ensemble was founded in 1981. Within the scope of the “Rehearsal room”, the musicians talk about human relationships, plans and goals of the ensemble.


Andranik Kochar

He used to carry his Rolleiflex 3G camera with him. He took the photos secretly, he never wanted to attract attention. He was thinking long before he found the second he sought. The TV program is about Andranik Kochar, whose photos exposed new aspects of the Armenian art, science and figures of culture. His landscapes and compositions lead to new ways in the Armenian photography.


Martin Aharonyan

Martin Aharonyan believes that all his songs own their unique fate. The professional painter is now popular for his songs and music. Martin Aharonyan considers the music to be the most spiritual of all arts.

Armen Blbulyan

Armen Blbulyan is building musical instruments for such a long time that he can’t even remember himself without a guitar. Many famous musicians play the instruments he made which number around 100. All the works of the Master are made exclusively with his hands. Armen Blbulyan is the only Armenian guitar builder who participates in the NAMM international exhibition of musical instruments held in US for many years. Armen Blbulyan has an intellectual property right over two models of guitar – first one is fretless four-octave intruments, and the second – eight-string bass guitar.

Albert Azaryan

The successes he achieved in sport are rarely achievable by anyone. Albert Azaryan, the renowned gymnast, twice an Olympic Champion, World, Asian and Europe Champion, USSR coach, tells interesting episodes from his life and victories.

“Paros” Chamber Choir

“Paros” Chamber Choir is unique, in its own way, in the world. The majority of Choir members are people with disabilities. Throughout its 20 years of existence, the Choir has won a number of international awards, participated in an extensive number of festivals. The musicians tell about their path, hardships and dreams in the “Rehearsal room”. Participants:
Raffi Mikaelyan, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Choir

Candlemas Day (Tiarn'ndaraj)

The program presents the ethnographical grounds and meaning of the Candlemas Day. Participatants include Father Zakaria Baghumyan and ethnologist Gohar Stepanyan.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The program presents the cultural days spent in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2012 and reflects on the historical-cultural heritage, history of certain cities, Armenian community of Jordan.

State Musical Chamber Theatre

The program is about the State Musical Chamber Theatre and its cast. It also presents specific aspects of the theathre, talks about its atmosphere, aspirations and further tasks.