Bogdan Hovhannisyan

In the studio of a khachkar maker from Vanadzor, the sound of instruments is mixed with the song. Ethnographic song, painting, graphics, sculpture and many students ․ The rich world of Bogdan Hovhannisyan in our camera.


Armen Goginyan

81-year-old People's Master Armen Goginyan teaches wood carving to children of Noyemberyan border villages.

"Tmbata" group

Traditional music is provided by "Tmbata" under the direction of Arik Grigoryan with new means and instruments.

Share your road and ease the traffic

The "Share Your Road and Ease the Traffic" initiative unites volunteer drivers, self-organized passengers and facilitates traffic through the Facebook social platform. How: presented by the authors of the initiative.




Feast of the Ascension

In the village of Yeghipatrush in Aparan, the "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group celebrates the Feast of the Ascension with the villagers. Condition, milk soup, games and songs: watch the movie, get to know and participate in the Feast of the Ascension.




"Nairyan" vocal ensemble

"Nairyan" vocal ensemble was founded in 2015 within the framework of cultural programs of Mughdusian Art Center. The young performers came together to popularize Komitas music, the national classical music. The polyphonic ensemble sings mainly acapella compositions, there are performances that are accompanied by clarinet, percussion and other musical instruments. One of the biggest achievements of the ensemble is the presentation of songs in sign language. They have already decoded dozens of Komitas and national works with gestures.




"Chamich" Group

Clarinet player Konstantin Abgaryants has been involved in music since an early age, he has performed in various orchestras, but to realize his own ideas he created his own group - "Chamich".

Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross, sacrament of the cross

Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan, Historian Ruben Vardanyan and archeologist, historian Hamlet Petrosyan present the sacrament of the Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross, discuss the cultural perceptions of the cross.

Artsrun Berberyan of Van

"Master Artsrun Berberyan, from Van.  I built my studio in the year of 1879.  I have been earning for forty years. Let my door be open in front of many nations and Armenian people."  These lines were written at the door of the studio of the People's Master Artsrun Berberyan.
The original jewelry of the master was worn by the famous women of the time. Today, his Armenian and foreign students continue his work in different parts of the world.

Tatul Hakobyan (RA Armed Forces Spy)

We are grateful. Tatul Hakobyan (RA Armed Forces Spy)

Gor Tumanyan (opera singer)

We are grateful. Gor Tumanyan (opera singer)

"Katil" band

The famous and unknown songs of different Armenian provinces are presented by the boys of "Katil" band with new instrumentation and means of expression.