Good News of Holy Nativity

The "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group permirmance. 

Traditional New Year

Santa Claus, songs, games and dances. In the Ttu Jur and Dzoraglukh villages of Aparan, the "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group celebrates the New Year. Let's recognize the traditional Armenian New Year.

Albert Zakaryan

Kamancha, oud, kanon, santur - these instruments can be seen in Albert Zakaryan's studio. He is one of the unique masters of our city who makes national instruments. The 83-year-old has been making tools since the 1960s and says his engineering education has helped him a lot. Many famous performers play the instruments of Master Albert, he was able to innovate and those instruments we used to know sound newly today.

Old Band

Formed by young people since 2014, the "Old Band" presents unique developments of Armenian folk music. The musical quartet, enriching the works known to us with harmonious and rhythmic aspects, strives to get a choral sound.

Nerses Atabekyan

Nerses Atabekyan, "We have been here"

Vano Siradeghyan

Vano Siradeghyan - "Put your hand away from the pain"

Hovhannes Grigoryan

"A brief handbook of the history of Armenian people for those who have neither the time nor the desire to read thick books." Read by actor Hakob Hakobyan.

Aksel Bakunts

Aksel Bakunts "Mashi of Trakhtor"

"New Quintet" Band

 Five musicians who have passed a unique creative way have united and formed the "New Quintet" band. In the "Experiment Room" it is an attempt to enrich Armenian jazz with new colors and author's works.

Our Village. Shinuhayr Part 2

To be in Shinuhayr, and not to go down to Vorotan gorge, not to see the old village with its historical and cultural buildings, sanctuaries, means not to know anything about this ancient settlement with a rich history. In the second part of the program, we toured Old Shinuhayr, visited the Kusanats desert, Khacher district, and worshiped churches.

Our village. Shinuhayr Part 1

This time our stop is in Shinuhayr on the way to the eastern border of Christian civilization. The village of Liarat did not receive the title of "Father of Shen" by chance. In the first part of the program, the busy villagers took time to prepare stew for us, to talk about the past and present problems of the village.

A bright star shone in the morning

Performed by "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group.