Soldier and Priest

The soldiers tell about the soldiers serving in the army, who are next to the soldiers both in the hospital, in the frontline and in the military unit.
The program is dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army.

ACYO 2018: One of Four Hundred

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II proclaimed 2018 a year of youth. The first half of the year was filled with numerous youth programs, the most important of them was the program of the world youth union of the Armenian Church "Towards the Motherland, towards Holy Etchmiadzin". 
Since July 4, 400 young people from different diocese of the Armenian Church of the world have been in the homeland. George Najarian, from the Armenian Diocese of Australia, is one of those young people.

Yerevan Dancing Art State College

Yerevan Dancing Art State College, which has over century old history, is the only professional school of classical and folk dance in Armenia. It's considered to be the smithery of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of A. Spendiaryan. Our camera has toured around the college's rehearsal rooms. 

Brotherly Love

Who is the brother-loving person, what value system do s/he have, what sacrifices is s/he ready to make for the sake of a friend? The soldiers protecting the borderlines of the Motherland, their officers and the Chaplain talk about the love towards brother, friend. 

Nemra Rock Band

The idea to get together as a rock band was Van’s and Vaspur’s. Later they were joined by Marek and Marianna. They tell the rest of the story. 

Historical-Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Metsamor”

The Historical-Archaeological Museum “Metsamor” was constructed in 1968. All the exhibits displayed here feature specific cultural layers of diverse eras. They were all without exceptions unearthed in this territory. More than 27 000 artifacts were discovered during the excavations of over half century, yet the name of the settlements is still unknown. 

Ara Shiraz

"The Master of the Portrait Sculptor": this is how art critics describe one of the brightest phenomena of the 20th century Armenian fine arts - Ara Shiraz. Our program is about his innovative ideas, creation cycles and interesting episodes of his biography.

“Driver’s Friend”

It’s been a few years since our drivers have civil defendors: the NGO “Driver’s Friend” studies and examines every single complaint they receive from citizens. If the driver is convinced that the penalty is precarious, the organization helps them to write legally accurate claim, appeal and protect their rights. Knowledgeable experts quickly react to any changes introduced in traffic and inform citizens via different communication channels to ensure safe traffic. 

Vordan Karmir Rock Band

Vordan karmir - the crimson carmine (Armenian cochineal) used in the 100 years old carpets of Karabakh grandma’s dowry turned into the title of a Vanadzor-based rock band. Founded in 2004, the band "Vordan Karmir" is functioning and creating in its native town Vanadzor, with concerts both in Yerevan and beyond. Our crew was hosted in the rehearsal room renovated and fitted personally by the boys of "Vordan Karmir" rock band. 

Wikimedia Armenia

"Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization has united volunteers of different ages and professions, who did not spare efforts to write articles in Armenian, edit mistakes and misspellings. Thanks to them, Armenian Wikipedia has become one of the full members of the world's largest family, the 34th edition of the articles.

Hovhannes Zardaryan

The painting of Zardaryan “Spring” done in 1956 symbolizes the start of the snow melting in the Soviet Armenian painting. Hovhannes Zardaryan is one of those exceptional painters who made his way to numerous international exhibitions in those years, including three biennale in Venice. Most part of Zardaryan’s abundant heritage has not so far been explored remaining unknown to the public. 

“Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends”

"Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" ethno jazz band created in 2011 is one of the most inimitable musical groups. Their set list includes adaptations of famous pieces as well as original compositions. Tar is the solo instrument in the band. Their music mixes elements of jazz, Armenian folk music, rock and fusion. Our camera is in the rehearsal room of "Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" band.