To the Sun" by "Lav Eli"

How was the song "To the Sun" created? The members of the "Lav Eli" group reveal it. 

Spiritual Border guard- Khoranashat

Khoranashat, one of the most significant monastic complexes of medieval Armenia, is 800 years old.  Today, the monastery in Tavush marz is also a border guard.

Our Chinari

In Chinari village on the border of Tavush, we talked with young and old, we heard about their worries and dreams.

Spring by "Dogma"

My name is Spring, my name is in your heart."  "Dogma" group members talk about the crazy heroes of their song.

The "Now" of "Tiezerk" Band

The girls of the group "Tiezerk" tell direct and interesting episodes about their song "Hima" in our pavilion.

"Hope for Coffee", "Laz Dance"

The development of the song "Laz Dance" in the village of Balu in Western Armenia is presented by the young musicians of the "Hope for Coffee" band.

Garmi" by Ethno Colors

The members of "Ethno colors" band tell about their version of developing and instrumenting the Hamshen "Garmi" song. You will find out how the text of the song about the love of a Red girl and a boy is translated by watching "The Story of the Song".

"Trnotsi" by the "Old Band"

"Old Band" band members tell about the band's "Trnotsi" song, video and recording.

Vladimir Abroyan, Satirist

I can completely laugh every five or six years, ”says Vladimir Abroyan, the author of hundreds of caricatures.  He worked for "Vozni" for 40 years, being publishing in "Crocodile", "Nedelia", "Ogonyok", "Smena", "Sovetsky Soyuz", "Moscow News", "Literaturnaya Gazeta", "Sovetsky Sport", "Football" newspapers and magazines. The artist is also a participant in many international exhibitions, one of the unique satirists whose works have been published in prestigious magazines.

"Katil Band", "Haydukin"

The song "Hayduki " was recorded during the 44-day war.

The pearl of the Araks valley in Mekhakavan, Artsakh

The film "The Pearl of the Araks Valley" is the incredible journey of the cross of the Holy Mother of God Zoravor Church in Mekhakavan and the salvation of the Gospel- from Jrakan to Hadrut and then to Stepanakert. The film participants tell the story of how the church was built on an inaccessible hill, became a place of pilgrimage and place of worship for thousands of soldiers, and how the soldiers themselves saved the cross of the sacred sanctuary and the Gospel from the enemy.

Nemra's "Arnem Elnem"

How a few chords played at home prompted Van Yeghiazaryan to instrument the song "Arnem elnem" and present it with a completely new breath.