Praying Soldier, Invincible Soldier

For already two decades, the chaplains of the Armenian Church have been serving in the military detachments and units of the Armenian army; they stand together with the soldiers also at the positions and hospitals. The soldier and the nurse of the Armenian army, the Major and the Colonel, tell us about living side by side with the servants of the Armenian Church, praying with them, and being comforted and inspired by them.
The film is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Spiritual Leadership of the RA Armed Forces.


Murad Hasratyan

Murad Hasratyan studied and composed the entire history of the Armenian architecture in Armenian, Russian and French. Hasratyan lectured in a number of prestigious symposiums and foreign universities. Today the scientists continues his academic and pedagogical activities with   an enthusiasm of a young man. The six-volume book on Armenian architecture continues to be published under his huidance in the NAS Art Institute. 

Stepan Martirosyan

Stepan Martirosyan is one of the very first cameraman of the Armenian TV, who furthered his path on the road of cinema. Many of his films and documentaries – “Sayat Nova”, “The Voice of Conscience”, “The Final Thrust”, “The Bride from the North” and many others serve as guidance for the Armenian cinema.

Dilijan Community Center

“Hello dear radio listeneres. Dili Radio broadcasts the program “News from Dilijan”…”
Our crew visited Dilijan Community Center.


Tiezerk Band

The girls of Tiezerk Band dream about big flakes of snow on the New Year night. They speak about their compositions and summarize the year in the rehearsal room.

Armenian Center of International Union of Puppeteers (UNIMA)

Developed during the period of independence, the Armenian Center of International Union of Puppeteers (UNIMA - Armenia) has made significant contribution in our theatrical life. Over 25 years, the artists of the Center have established theatrical groups and theatres in Armenia and Artsakh. “Karapet” theatrical group is on the wheels riding to remote villages and cities, entertaining and educating the little ones.


What is the sacrament of Transfiguration or Vardavar, the message to be transferred to today’s man? How is Vardavar celebrated by Tavush residents, how did they manage to preserve and pass from generation to generation the national and church traditions? 


The members of group “Bicycle +” represent differ age groups and professions, who are united by the love for nature, motherland and biking. The do environmental actions through bicycle tours to draw attention upon ecological issues. This time they are in Trchkan.

Toros Toramanyan

“If architecture was a stone music, then Toros Toramanyan has turned that stone into live music”, said Avetik Isahakyan. “He is as much a splendid singer of our magnificient ruins and musieums”. TV Encyclopedia present the life and scientific activities of famous architect, scientist Toros Toramanyan. 

Armenian-Iranian Cultural Relations: “I am the Wind of Spring” Film about Iran

The Director of Cultural Center of the Iranian Embassy in Armenia Majid Meshkin presents the Armenian-Iranian cultural relations. The interview is followed by the film “I am the Wind of Spring” about Iran. 

“Goy” Theatre

“Rhinoceros”, “Opera-Opera”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”: “Goy” theatre, founded in 80s, was able to create an alternative theatre in difficult times. Actors and directors gathered around Armen Mazmanyan were able to stage works that were novelty in theatrical art. Today the Theatre is striving to preserve the fame and colors of the past. 

New Year and Christmas Tree

It’s been 14 years now that Movses Poghosyan grows fir trees in the backyard of Armenian branch of German Red Cross “House of Hope” of Yerevan. The ancestors of these green beauties come from Germany; the philanthropist and coordinator of the program priest Carl-Heinz Schaide sent the seedlings from his homeland.